Digital change over

  Daiol 09:11 10 Aug 2008

Hi,I live in wales and the change over is august 2009.I dont know what other parts of the uk is like with digital tv but in wales the signal is really bad on a very wet day,i only live about 4 miles from the main tv mast.Last night i could only get bbc1 & bbc2 all the other channels were unwatchable the picture was like a jigsaw 'thats how i can describe it'.If this is the way that digital is going to be in the year 2009 well we are going back not forward,has anyone else in the uk sofering with a similar problem or does anyone have a I dont have sky just a digital is working fine this morning as the weather is better a bit of sunshine not much.

  Pamy 09:33 10 Aug 2008

May be better when change over is complete, then transmitters will be on "Full Power" They are not at this time

  jack 09:58 10 Aug 2008

Wont be much different come the change over
Terrestrial signal- analogue or digital is 'Line of sight'- if you can see the mast you get the picture.
but if big stuff gets in the way you wont or only a degraded one.
If my memory serves me from Holidays of years ago
Wales is covered with big lumps of rock all over.
These will mask the tower or cause bounce back and shadows.
So what to do ?
FreeStat would seem to be the answer.

click here

  amonra 20:43 10 Aug 2008

Preseli transmitter will be the first to go over next year.
I too got a lot of hassle from my better half last night, she couldn't get CH 4 or CH 5 (we get our reception off the Carmel transmitter).With a lot of bad experiences with BBC maintenance teams in west Wales, I foresee a LOT of problems when the main Cardiff (Wenvoe) transmitter goes over, as this feeds a vast amount of other slave transmitters. Keep your fingers crossed.........

  Daiol 08:09 11 Aug 2008

Hi amonra,Thanks for your reply,i also get my signal from carmel transmitter maybe we are close to each other?.daiol.

  FatboySlim71 22:44 13 Aug 2008

Pamy is correct, digital TV (Freeview) is only on half power at present, the reason for this is because if it were put on full power it would interfere with the present Analogue signal.

My opinion of Digital TV is this,

I think the Analogue signal is FAR MORE resilient to bad weather than what digital TV is, Sky reception is ludicrous when the weather is bad, Analogue on the other hand would remain on in the worst of weather.

Digital TV, so called progress I suppose :-(

  Kemistri 23:19 13 Aug 2008

Fatboy is right: in this area, I and other satellite users often get weak reception and complete cut-outs in certain weather conditions. I'm glad that I use Freesat because I would expect better reception if I was paying for it. Analogue has some ghosting but is otherwise pretty consistent and usable.

  oldbeefer2 09:25 14 Aug 2008

Yes , my brother is near Newtown and had to go down the satellite route. He's with Sky, but Freesat is another option now.

  dms_05 09:51 14 Aug 2008

I really don't see what the problem is with satellite. The correct dish with the correct LNB pointed in the correct direction should allow all those with a clear view of 28 degs East of South to receive UK satellite TV without interuption (except in the most extreme of weather).

If you aren't getting this reception then either somethings in the way (a tree?), the dish is mis-aligned or the equipment is faulty. Old coax cable is a likely source of problems as is an old LNB/dish or an ancient digibox.

The satellite footprint for most 'free' UK channels is click here and the whole of the UK receives the same signal strength.

  oldbeefer2 10:15 14 Aug 2008

Daiol is talking terrestrial digital, not sat.

  FatboySlim71 12:59 14 Aug 2008

Slightly off topic, but regarding Sky.

I have the correct dish etc.

I have a very strong signal, it is supposed to be no less than half way, my signal is over three quarters of the way over and the engineer said he rarely sees a signal that strong.

Even with extreme weather Analogue TV works. The problem is, digital tv is more precise and more prone to weather conditions (especially Sky).

Admittedly Freeview (through the aerial) is not as prone to freezing etc as Sky during bad weather but it is not as resilient as the Analogue signal imo.

Seems strange that they can call going from a resilient signal such has Analogue and then go to one that is a lot more prone to weather conditions and call it progress. Its strange what some will call progress!

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