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  sinbads 16:05 14 Feb 2008

Need some advice on buying a new camera, my old digital is on its way out. I've been looking at this one click here would like your veiws on this model and or other suggestions you may have. Is the meg pixel of 7 high enough or should i choose a higher one?

  Kemistri 16:33 14 Feb 2008

Compacts are not my thing, but I would advise you not to "pixel count" -- it is possible to have too many pixels on a small sensor and the result can be more noise.

  Pamy 17:38 14 Feb 2008

sinbads , what was your old one?

  sinbads 19:43 14 Feb 2008

thanks for your responses

ummm interesting about the pixel thing thought the higher the pixel the higher the definition.

my old camera is a casio 4meg pixel qv-r40 just ate AA bateries ' i do believe the rechargable lithium batteries are better though.

  Kemistri 20:00 14 Feb 2008

Higher pixel pitch (assuming a fairly equal spacing) = smaller photosites = less light per photosite = a requirement for greater sensitivity. This can and usually does increase noise. Look at how hard Canon had to work to add 2MP to the 30D's successor without actually increasing the noise. Look at the D3's low pixel count and its low noise.

  sinbads 20:38 14 Feb 2008

I have done a little reading on the pro's and con's of mega pixels seems that 8MP is around the optimum.

Apart from the link given earlier i have also looked at click here , I know its got a high 12MP ;but has quite a lot of features , again your coments or options would be appreciated


  Kemistri 21:01 14 Feb 2008

It has a bigger sensor than your Panasonic choice.

Here is a review of the Panasonic: click here

  Stuartli 23:46 14 Feb 2008

A top quality optical zoom lens is equally, if not more, important that sheer megapixels.

One of the best buys around at present is the Canon 570IS with 7.2MP and 4x optical zoom, plus a proper viewfinder (around £100-£105 or less); IS represents image stabilisation.

Most of the Canon models are based on the same quality body, so it depends on how much you want to spend and which features appeal as to the final choice.


click here


click here

  ^wave^ 08:24 15 Feb 2008

for good reviews try this click here
also a camera with 6-8 megapoxels is good enough to make pictures of at least a4 size. i got a new camera last year and after a lot of research i got a canon a640 from camerabox for £200 plus a £60 rebate from canon such a good deal and i am so pleased with the camera. there are good deals to be had just look around.
think what your needs are and then look at reviews online. best of luck

  Stuartli 10:00 15 Feb 2008

>>also a camera with 6-8 megapoxels is good enough to make pictures of at least a4 size. >>

My six-year-old Minolta E203 2MP digital camera delivers image files more than good enough for detailed A4 prints, thanks to a first class 3x optical zoom.

  aly-lfc 11:43 15 Feb 2008


I recently bought a Canon A570 IS and I am very pleased with the photo quality. click here

I used the following review site, which also gives test photo's from most of the camera's they review. click here

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