Digital camera (Sony DSC F717) blank screen

  ynohtna 11:21 12 Jul 2007

I have a Sony DSC F717. Yesterday it was working (i took and developed pictures), today it is not! I turn it on, i get the sony start up screen and the little tune but the screen remains black, even thru the viewfinder (and yes, the lens cap is off!!)When i press the button to take a picture, the flash pops out and it makes the usual click sound and the flash fires, but the screen stays black as does the new picture on the memory card! Im thinking maybe a shutter fault... any one got any experience of this... the camera does have the facility to move the lens 180 degrees (up and down) maybe a link between the body and the lens is broken...? Strange that 24hrs ago it was working ok... it hasn't been dropped or owt (at least not by me..... hmmm)

  crosstrainer 11:37 12 Jul 2007

But, you haven't left it playback mode have you?

  ynohtna 11:54 12 Jul 2007

Ive tried it in all modes.

  crosstrainer 11:55 12 Jul 2007

It sounds like a faulty camera to thing to try, a new set of freshly charged batteries.

  jack 11:59 12 Jul 2007

Do a thorough check that you have not erroneously left it in a wrong mode as suggested.
Carefully check also the manual for any error or fault FAQ's
When you are certain that the camera is at fault contact Sony Tech support team and report the problem.
This to me seems to be a firmware failure and as such not a repairable situation.
Depending on age[still o
under warranty?] Sony will offer to repair[actually a a factory rebuilt replacement] for free or for a fee
which could be getting on for simply dumping it and getting the latest model.

  LAP 19:56 12 Jul 2007

ynohtna, on the 29/8/03 I purchased the same camera as you. On the 8/5/06 this was sent back to Sony with exact same fault as you describe. This is a fault that Sony are aware of. I rang Sony explained the fault and told them 'that it was a known fault'. To this they agreed. I returned the camera and this was repaired free of charge. I hope this helps.

  ynohtna 08:18 13 Jul 2007

Thanks LAP (et all) ive done a bit of googling as you mention its a known fault... Theres pages of complaints.. something about a CCD failure... Well, the camera is pretty old and has a few scratches / dinks in it, will get the receipt / date of purchase and have a chat with Sony and see what they say. THANKS ALL.

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