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  griffon 56 15:34 14 Mar 2007

I know that this is a leading question on the lines of 'When did you stop beating your wife?' but why does PCA not do reviews of Kodak digital cameras?

Fuji, Canon, Casio, Minolta, Nikon, Sony all appear repetitively - Kodak hardly ever. Shurely we should know.

  sean-278262 15:39 14 Mar 2007

The reason for this is that the supplied items for testing are actually ones the companies send to the magazine. Usually on a test and return type deal. AKA the company sends it out to the magazine while they review it, then they collect it back afterwards. So if Kodak don't want to be reviewed they don't send test models out.

Most magazines could not afford to test cameras or any hardware out if they had to purchase each and every item themselves. Plus there is the entire thing of what to do with it afterwards.

You will notice this trend in all the PCA top 10 and review pages. The same as any other magazine. Even magazines dedicated to DSLR cameras only have their own small collection of in house cameras for taking magazine pictures the rest are usually tested and returned to the manufacturer.

  griffon 56 17:22 14 Mar 2007

Thank you Astec123, I suspected as much, so Kodak are either disdainful of your reviews, confident that their product needs no endorsement or afraid that their reputation would suffer under your scrutiny.

I have two Kodak cameras, one 2 years old an LS633 which has been totally excellent and a new one a DX7630 which has more features but which doesn't seem to take such properly saturated photos. I've emailed Kodak on this, there may be a solution, which I await with keen anticipation! Thanks again.

  anchor 14:04 16 Mar 2007

I have no experience of the Kodak DX7630,(or any Kodak digital camera), but a review of this model in Digital Home Magazine stated:

"Full-quality six-megapixel images are extremely sharp and pulse with Kodak's trademark saturated colours".

click here

As you have found under-saturated colours, I would take this up with Kodak.

  J B 10:37 17 Mar 2007

This is just a thought, is there any way of adjusting the ISO (ASA) at which you are shooting the image. In the old days of 35mm film if you found that the film was under performing say at its rating of 100 ASA you would adjust the ASA to 80 to create more colour saturation. If this is still the case with your camera even though it is digital can you try adjusting the ISO and take a few shots to see what happens. J.B.

  anchor 16:13 17 Mar 2007

Most of us take pictures with the exposure set on "auto". If the DX7630 is producing overexposed, or under-saturated pictures, then I would suggest there is a fault on the camera.

Another review of this model stated; "Images were sharp, well-exposed and richly saturated".

Full review here:

"click here

Based on the two reviews referred to, under saturation, (or over exposure), is not characteristic of this camera.

I would recommend returning it to your dealer. As you say, it is new.

  Diemmess 15:20 19 Mar 2007

Looking at Steve's Digicameras at the site anchor suggested, and several pages down...

[You change aperture values by pressing the Jog Dial in, then rotating it. You can also override the metering ±2.0EV, Flash power ±1EV, and select the ISO speed.]

There are a range of ISO speeds available, so that must be where you can adjust to suit.

  polo 16:37 19 Mar 2007

Here's a review click here

  Stuartli 17:36 21 Mar 2007

Just a slight diversion - BigPockets has just e-mailed its latest offers, which include the 4MP x 3 optical zoom Kodak C330 (refurbished) for just £48.

click here

Could be a good choice for a newcomer or the youngsters to start digital photography.

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