Digital Camcorders

  Adz1310 16:06 25 Apr 2006

Hi Guys,
Wonder if anyone can give me any advice? I am going to the states soon, and I know how much cheaper electronics are out there, so I was thinking about buying a digital camcorder, but havent got a clue about them. Anyone give me any advise about them. Dont really want to pay more than £300 for one.

  MichelleC 10:23 26 Apr 2006

All I know is their dv format is not PAL like ours, it's NTSC, so might be a pain to convert tapes here.

  anchor 16:59 26 Apr 2006

Don`t forget you may get clobbered with duty and VAT if you plan returning to the UK with it.

If you do, also remember the US warranty may not be valid in this country.

  pitbull66 20:39 28 May 2006

If your tv is not ntsc compatible and you try to play your american digital camcorder thru it the signal will play in black & white or maybe not at all. Also bear in mind that if the camcorder has a mains charger then the voltage may be 110 volts not 240 so you may need a step down transformer.If you can resolve these problems then Nero reloaded can convert ntsc to pal.Remember that if you don't convert footage to pal before you burn to dvd then you may encounter tv incompatability problems as previously mentioned.
Hope this hasn't come too late.

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