Digital camcorder & good quality photo stills

  amyfleur 13:03 23 Sep 2008

I would like to buy a new digital camcorder which will also take good quality photo stills. Any recommendations please.

I'm fed up of lugging two cameras around all the time.

  Pamy 17:08 23 Sep 2008

Personally, I would like a good digital still camera that will take resonable video clips.

  amyfleur 17:38 23 Sep 2008

I own a KODAK C875 camera that DOES take good video clips. Good quality and good resolution. But they are 'Quicktime' and I do not have a programme that can convert them to wmv or other so that I can make a DVD from them.

  hssutton 08:50 24 Sep 2008

This is the camera I'm getting, click here It takes fantastic Photos, but the HD video is just unbelievable quality.

Mind you it's a little expensive @ £2000

  Pamy 09:53 24 Sep 2008

hssutton, I just had a look at your "click here" site and it wanted to download "Quicktime". ut amyfleur says "But they are 'Quicktime' and I do not have a programme that can convert them to wmv or other so that I can make a DVD from them". So will she still nead a prog to convert this camera output?

  hssutton 22:15 24 Sep 2008

Yes the 5D mk2 produces Apple’s Quicktime .mov files, but no doubt suitable software will be supplied with the camera. Canon's editing software is very good for "stills" hopefully the video part will also be excellent.

  anchor 18:01 28 Sep 2008

Convert MOV to AVI

click here

Windows Movie Maker will import AVI files.

  amyfleur 20:40 28 Sep 2008

The result was broken pictures, broken sounds. I did an uninstall and downloaded it a second time. Same problems.

  anchor 13:12 29 Sep 2008

amyfleur: Strange; I have used it a number of times, even as recently as this weekend, and had no problems.

I found that I did have to make various trials to find the best codec; some worked, others did`nt.

  amyfleur 17:31 29 Sep 2008

Excuse my ignorance, what is a codec?

  anchor 12:32 30 Sep 2008

A codec is a device or program capable of encoding and/or decoding a digital data stream or signal.

to read more:

click here

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