Digicamcorder sound goes out of sych

  jack 19:54 13 Apr 2007

An avid film maker makes truly excellent movies with combined ambient and voice over in editing plus music sound.
These he burns to DVD and are watched on the home TV
That's good.

A neighbour has spent large sums on converting is garage to a true home cinema with lavish Hi Spec kit.
This plays all the normal commercial DVD's just like going to the pictures.

However when the Home movie gets to be played the sound goes completely out of sync.

Any ideas any one?

  jack 20:09 14 Apr 2007


  jack 19:37 16 Apr 2007


  Newuser939 18:48 18 Apr 2007

The answer will rather depend on what software your neighbour is using to edit his movies, but the problem is not unusual and is often related to the process of converting the movie from avi format to mpeg. The best bet would be to go onto a user forum for his particular software.

  MichelleC 14:07 19 Apr 2007

Also burning/rendering uses a lot of resources, so make sure DMA is enabled and turn off non-vital b/ground progs and defrag hd.

  jack 19:28 19 Apr 2007

I assumed that the problem lies on the various audio conversion-compression algo-rhythms
Unfortunately it is further complicated I think because now understand he Edits/Compiles on a dedicated movie edit desk - Not a PC.

How do you 'Untick' a problem thats is not resolved?

  rodriguez 14:25 22 Apr 2007

It could have something to with framerate conversion. I had sync problems when trying to burn NTSC video to PAL. The two formats have a slightly different framerate and when they're converted, sometimes it forces the audio out of sync with the video. The trick is to speed up the sound to match the new framerate. You might notice that American videos and DVDs have a longer running time than European ones, this is because the European PAL versions have to be sped up slightly. This is also why the music tracks in films that we see over here are slightly faster than the same tracks on a CD. Some people don't notice the difference, but other people, like me, do.

  jack 17:41 22 Apr 2007

Thnk you all so far
but keep the thoughts coming

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