DECT Phone with TAM

  oresome 19:51 04 Dec 2005

I have just purchased a Philips DECT 225 cordless phone with answering machine and extra handset.

Disappointed to find that the TAM has no date and time stamp on messages. I assumed all would have, as all the wired phones I've had in the past have had this feature.

Purchased to cure a problem with the upstairs phone which has a noticable mains hum heard by both parties during a phone call. Despite the "incredible sound" and "crystal clear" messages on the box, there is a noticeable hiss even when next to the base station.

Is this normal or should I return it for something better?

  Martin29170 21:41 17 Jan 2006

Amazing bit of kit and suffers no interference from either blue tooth or 2.4ghz wireless networks. This plugs into a windows XP system, supports your normal telephone line and also crystal clear Skype calls.

Skype to Sype is free and Skype out provides cheap world wide calls. I use one in my office in UK and another in spain thus never pay more than 2cents a minute... even mobiles are cheaper.

Skype software is free to download and use.

If you don't want a skype phone or use PC, I purchased a Binatone digital cordless which resolved interference from my wireless network

Good luck

  pavvi 08:29 19 Jan 2006

Do you have sky connected to your phone line? This often causes a hum on cordless phone. I cured this problem by simply removing the sky adaptor from the phone socket. You no longer have to have the sky box connected to the phone line. I found this out after calling BT out twice (I did manage to avoid being charged for the visit).

  oresome 15:31 19 Jan 2006

Thanks guys.

The hum was on the original upstairs phone connected as a physical extension. Not noticeable on the downstairs phone connected direct to the incoming BT box. This prompted me to buy the DECT phone as I've already had two new phones upstairs that have started life OK, but eventually developed the hum problem. I couldn't be bothered rewiring the extension.

My complaint with the DECT phone is that the audio quality is hardly crystal clear (Philips words) and the answer machine has no time and date stamp, which makes it as useful as a chocolate fire guard.

The family are now asking for the old phones to be restored due to the poor audio quality both when using the new handsets and listening to recorded messages.

I wish I hadn't bothered.

  anchor 12:34 28 Jan 2006

Have a word with Philips customer care about it.

click here

  deb960 14:49 13 Sep 2006

I've just purchased a Philips DECT 225 phone with 3 handsets. On the main handset, when I put the phone into it, firstly it wouldn't charge up the phone, so did it on one of the other small chargers, then when it was charged, all it did on the main adaptor where the answermachine is, is beep now and again - do you know why this is?


  oresome 21:30 14 Sep 2006

Can't really help with your problem deb960.

Sounds like the phone's have been in stock a long time and the battery has discharged to such a low level that the charger can't recharge it.

The battery is made up of a number of cells in series and it's possible for one of the cells in the chain to become reverse polarised when the battery as a whole becomes very discharged.

You need to take it back to the retailer.

An update on my problem.

THe family nattered me until I went in the loft and recovered the old wired phone.

Guess what? It crackled and made noises like the Philips.

Called BT and the automaton said there may be a line fault. A couple of days later, a card through the door from the engineer saying he had checked and the fault had been passed to the underground team.

U/G guy arrived and asked to come in. Noticed I had a band pass filter and exclaimed "that'll be your problem!"

I explained I'd tried the phone without it, but he wasn't convinced, so I exchanged the filter. By this time the crackle wasn't as severe as at first, so he said he would ring back in a couple of days.

Fortunately when he rung back, the crackle was as severe as ever and he could hear it.

Opened the manhole across the road and examined the joint which fell apart in his hand.

Job fixed at last.

Now if only we had time and date stamp on the TAM, it would be a useful instrument.

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