DAB Digital Radio

  def90csw 12:05 25 Oct 2006

So do people listed to DAB Digital Radio?
And if so from a dedicated DAB Radio or via the Net?

  mole44 12:29 25 Oct 2006

i listen Via DAB Radio,however given all the hype surrounding it ,it depends on the bitrate as to how good the sound quality is.My radios are made by Pure one had Fm on it as well and can record onto a SD card on MP2 format niffty or what.

  Kate B 14:55 25 Oct 2006

There's a piece going in tomorrow's Technology Guardian ranting about how poor the sound quality can be on DAB. It's not up on the website yet - I'll link to it tomorrow.

  mikef. 18:41 25 Oct 2006

I love my DAB's, Radio 7 is worth every penny I have spent on them

  rodriguez 19:42 25 Oct 2006

click here for one I made in VB - connects to a lot of Internet radio stations. However I think some of the links are outdated because some don't connect anymore. Some of the stations are in Real audio format as well so you might need RealPlayer. It comes with an LCD font that you can install as well though, so the screen looks real. click here for a screenshot.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 22:50 25 Oct 2006

but I'm glad the Grauniad is having a rant about it.
This came about because OFCOM have allowed themselves to be browbeaten by the Commercial radio stations into setting minimum transmission rates that are the lowest in the World. Just so they can squeeze more stations onto each multiplex and make more money.
A different solution (albeit not very portable) is to buy an internet radio eg click here
you need a wireless internet connection, but you can get all the DAB stations plus about 10000 others.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 22:53 25 Oct 2006

you can also use the 'listen again' services of the Beeb and stream music from any pc on your network - it's a neat bit of kit (I've got one)

  Stuartli 00:04 26 Oct 2006

It's also on Freeview.

You can read about the poor quality on this website plus listen to digital radio samples:

click here

  Stuartli 00:05 26 Oct 2006

Sorry for the wrong cut and paste - it should have read mikef.

  Kate B 00:17 26 Oct 2006

Here's the Guardian piece click here

  dms05 12:19 26 Oct 2006

Kate B - I think the Guardian story says it all. DAB is a success at low quality with high content whereas it wasn't at high quality with low content.

People have been conditioned to accept low quality audio on small transistor radios. Even expensive TV's had cheap small loudspeakers and no one complained over 30 years.

Having owned Quad HiFi for many years I find I listen to 128kbps on an MP3 player. Both are acceptable for their use but no one would argue that my MP3 sound even approaches the quality of £2k's worth of Quad HiFi.

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