Creative Zen Vision M

  SURVEY 13:47 29 Apr 2007

As may be recalled from a couple of earlier postings of mine, I am interested in the 60GB version of the above player. Just waiting until Amazon get the new slimmer version (unfortunately Amazon in response to my query say that they do not know which version of the 60GB thye sell!!)

However those of you with the 30 or 60GB Vision M perhaps can respond to the following taken from one of the latset customer reviews on Amazon:

'The MP3 song selection is a pain, if I want to jump a song, it takes too many pad presses, Why can't I disable the unspeakable useless scoring screen and useless music buy options! I'll have to buy a creative remote to bypass the clumsy pad, I hope it lasts much longer then the fragile and very overpriced Jukebox 3 one did (the reviews don't look encouraging).
* The Album-of-the-day 'feature' button really annoys me, it replaces the current play list, with no undo possible, PITA 'design' argh!!!'

Is this all just because the user has not learned how to use the player or what?

Another review states 'I bought a zen vision about 8 months ago and was pretty pleased with it. HOWEVER! it then broke, the screen was completely garbled, thus rendering the player useless. I returned the product to creative which is where the nightmare started. Their emails sent me the wrong information and i was told i would have to wait an extra 6 weeks for it to be fixed. 2 months later i was still emailing them with no reply. Finally i recieved an email and was told that they wouldn't fix the player because it had a scratch on it! This scratch was on the rear of the player and wasnt very big. I argued with them at length to no avail. I asked for my mp3 player back so i could return it to amazon, 4 months after that i am STILL waiting! I can no longer gaurentee a return from amazon as it is past 6 months of purchase. I will never buy another creative product after this experience.

If you buy one of these players don't expect to have it fixed if it breaks.
Don't expect them to reply to your emails.
Do expect them to offer to fix your player for a large fee when they should be fixing it under the warrenty.'

Any comments especially from nick_j007

  Rose 07:51 30 Apr 2007

You'll always get a few who don't know their arse from their elbow and it will always be someone elses fault! Technology is at where technology is at. It's not perfect, end of story. I love my 30GB Zen and haven't a problem in the world using it. It does what it does and it works for me.

Is all this agonizing over what to buy really worth the effort? Which ever way you jump, the result won't be perfect. Compromise is the name of the game where technology is concerned in today's world.

  SURVEY 07:58 30 Apr 2007

Rose - I am sure that you are correct!

  SURVEY 07:59 30 Apr 2007

Rose - I can afford to wait and analyse until I can actually buy the new 60GB version from someone like Amazon rather than paying an extra £50 from Creative!

  sw-blue 22:54 05 May 2007

95% of reviews I have seen have been positive and hence I have bitten the bullet and purchased one on ebay this week. I've gone for the 60GB, was sorely tempted to just get the 30GB but am starting to do a bit of video stuff on my camera which tends to eat up space and I may want to use it on the zen. if I was just looking at MP3s/WMAs and JPEGs then the 30Gb would have been more than enough.

The RRP seems to be all over the place, I've seen it as high as £335 but with the amazon price at £193, I managed to get one on ebay for £160 plus P&P, a pretty good deal I reckon. Just waiting for it to arrive.

  sw-blue 23:04 05 May 2007

Having read a post further down, i see that the 60gb is now coming in the slimmer 30gb casing. I have no idea on which one i have ordered but as someone who goes out to buy chumkier digital cameras that you can hold like a camera (Canon S3IS, a magnificent 6MP camera that holds a 12* optical zoom shot steady at a target range of 1 mile) it doesn't actually matter to me.

  SURVEY 09:08 06 May 2007

sw-blue - please inform the forum what size casing yours arrives as. Also, how you get on with it. Good luck!

  C3 03:29 17 May 2007

I've had a 60gb player for 3 months now.

Plus points :

Plays pretty much any video file you can chuck at it. The screen is very bright and watching movies on it is fine.
Loads of room! I find it's best to copy whole albums over rather than individual songs. I just drag and drop them using the Zen browser software.

Minus Points :

The player started taking a long time to start up. I fixed it with the latest Firmware update, but that was worrying for a time.
The screen is VERY easy to scratch. Try and keep the little plastic sheet it comes with on there as long as you can. It doesn't take too much away from the picture.
I really don't like the plugin thing you have to connect it to the PC. I guess they were trying to keep the player as small as they could and there wasn't room for the connectors, but even so...

From reading other forums, the headphone socket can be easily damaged. No problems with mine yet!
If you've used a Zen before then you'll be used to the touchpad. If not, it can be annoying. I find it's better to use the whole thumb rather than finger tip for better control.

I basically just loaded mine with albums and changed the shortcut key for Random-All play. Selecting individual albums is quick and not as complicated as the guy in the review made it out to be. Gotta agree on the stupid star rating/scoring thing. It's no use to me at all.

Battery life is prety good. 5hrs or so watching videos, 10hrs+ for MP3s only.

I don't know about pricing in the UK, but I paid about C$400 for mine.

  SURVEY 10:17 17 May 2007

Well, I finally bit the bullet and ordered the 60GB Vision M from Amazon. It arrived a couple of days ago after yet another painful delivery by Parcelforce (card in door and drive away at full speed on two occasions without checking to see if anyone is in!).

All seems to be excellent. I am really only interested in audio and perhaps having a few photos on the zen. Quality of audio and graphics is ace. The docking dongle is plain stupid and prone to be lost. The unit should be all black rather than black on front only and white to rear and sides. The touch pad is nothing like as positive as the Ipod click wheel but it can be tamed and is a matter of getting used to it. The absence of a mains charger is criminal although I guess Creative want to squeeze every last penny from customers! I already had a mains plug with usb socket for another mp3 player (Rio Carbon) but plugging this in with Creative’s own lead will not charge the zen – clever technology to ensure a dedicated Creative plug is used. However I understand there are several generic plugs on the market that will work with Creative gear so will endeavour to get one of these.

Transferring music from Media Player 11 is easy although I have now succumbed to using Creative’s Media Explorer for transferring and editing music, playlists etc. It works well. Any errors are normally due to problems with files already on the computer that need a little tweaking of tags – but hardly anything at all. Album art is automatically transferred over with the music folders.

One critic said that jumping mp3 songs is a pain but I have found it only a matter of pressing one ‘go back’ button, running up or down the clicking touchpad to another song and pressing the pad to accept.

I had agonised whether to buy an Ipod or the Zen and had used an Ipod with Itunes software. I was not impressed with Itunes after finding that I would have to sign up to Itunes to ensure getting album art across plus the restriction on non-use of wma file format. The zen has FM radio that I thought would be hopeless but it turns out to be really good quality! I know that there are fewer accessories for the zen and Creative really need to get their act together with promoting the zen and get some more accessories produced/licensed. I believe the Ipod is a neat player but the zen only falls down on the touchpad v clickwheel. For all other matters the zen appears (so far) to be a real winner for me.

Although Amazon will not inform you whether they are selling the thinner 60GB version or not, they did say that they use fresh stock so I did in fact receive the thinner version (same as the 30GB) and I bought the Creative leather case and that is fine although an additional screen protector built into the case would have been sensible.

C3 - I agree about the screen. I have left the plastic protector on that it is shipped with. I did this with my last player and it is still on OK after nearly 2 years.

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