creative zen touch support

  exprog 21:36 13 Nov 2005

I have the above mp3 player, which has a problem transferring tracks. When I try to transfer an album, it halts after a couple of tracks, with the message 'player disconnected or busy'.

I have searched the creative web site to no avail. I would like to ring them but cannot find a telephone number for support. Does anyone out there klnow of a number.

  GaT7 12:21 14 Nov 2005

I. From click here:

* Email support - click here (may take days/weeks to get a response)

* Telephone support (operating Hours: Mon-Fri 09:30-18:00 (GMT) / Closed on Sat-Sun & Public Holidays)

Contact number: 00353 1 4333200 (RO Ireland). Call 08447202020 then immediately dial the number to get a 1p/min rate (from click here)

Not sure if they'll answer technical queries though - "You're eligible to receive complimentary telephone support for 60 days to help you install and get started with your new product"

II. Having searched their knowledgebase, this is what I've come up with. Couldn't post direct links because of the 'session ID' nature of the links, which expire after a short while.

To help yourelf go to click here & enter:

- SID4763 in the box & click on Search. You'll get "MP3 Players - Essential Troubleshooting".
Try the tips one at a time & check to see if it has solved the problem. Has a line halfway down that reads, 'If you receive a message about "Player Not Detected", or Player is Busy message, we recommend you check the following:'

- SID6578: Most requested driver or firmware downloads for MP3 players

- SID4794: How do I access the recovery mode of my Creative MP3 Player?

IMPORTANT NOTE: If at some point you have to do the firmware update, do a prior BACKUP of all songs on the player (if possible/necessary). A failed firmware update will need a recovery, which entails a full format resulting in complete loss of contents.

Good luck, G

  exprog 13:18 14 Nov 2005

Thanks for your posting..At the moment I am trying to sort the problem with emails..

I thought about doing a firmware update, but am worried in case it doesn't work and I cannet get my songs back on the Zen.

One strange thing I've noticed is that under XP I do not get the 'Safely remove hardware icon' for the Zen, although I do for other UCB devices.

  GaT7 14:37 14 Nov 2005

Duplicate/similar post by exprog in the Helproom forum click here.

Please check there before posting so info/tips are not duplicated. Ta, G

exprog, all the best with the email support.

A firmware update shouldn't make your player totally unusable (at least according to Creative), but will (as already mentioned) wipe all the songs you already have in your player.

If you have to do this at some stage make sure to follow the instructions carefully. See SID4789: How do I update the Firmware on a Creative MP3 Player?

  GaT7 15:09 14 Nov 2005

exprog, how was the problem solved? G

  exprog 13:41 17 Nov 2005

Received email from creative suggesting I download firmware update for Zen. Did not infer that it will correct the problem. Further correspondence with them re how do I get the songs back on to the Zen if update doesn't work. Only suggestion is to remove all traces from computer and reload drivers and software. I mentioned that I have tried to transfer songs using 3 different computers and the problem exists on all of them. Which suggests a Zen fault to me. Will try firmware update on Zen sometime next week.

  GaT7 18:14 17 Nov 2005

Yes, looks like a Zen fault.

For firmware update instructions, see SID4789 (at click here) - "How do I update the Firmware on a Creative MP3 Player?" Follow them carefully & you should be OK.

Make sure to download the correct firmware meant only for your player. See SID6578 (at click here) - it's the "Zen Touch Firmware (968.00 KB) ZenTouch_PCFW_L4_1_01_03.EXE".

Good luck, & let us know how you get on. G

  JLK 15:56 20 Nov 2005

I've had the exact same problem. Once I get above 1100 files (tracks) on the player it starts freezing up and the transfer software reports the player is busy or not connected. I've had two players, I took the first back and exchanged it but am having the same problem again. I'm about to give up and buy another product. It's advertised to handle 10,000 songs, but I can't get 1200 on it. There is plenty of room, I'm using only about 4 gb. I talked with Customer Support last time, and went through the same process: Reboot, Reformat, upgrade firmware, software, etc, nothing helps. I like the player itself and would like to get it to work but I need to store about 5000 tracks to get all the audio book tracks that I like to carry with me on the player so if it can't handle it I'm going to have to look elsewhere.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, James.

  gallorojo 03:52 07 Jan 2006

i am trying to update the firmware on my zen touch, but my computer will not detect the mp3 player. this comes even after formatting it. when i try to reboot, it gives me a firmware problem message. can you offer any help?

  GaT7 19:27 23 Jan 2006

Did you try contacting Creative support? All details in my first post above. G

  royster2k04 20:38 24 Jan 2006

my creative zen touch works ok with adding music but when i go to the part on the player with files which i have saved it goes very slow and will not let me copy any of the files ou the player as it keeps sayin tat it is not linked or allowed or somethin-can anyone hepl me to fix this?

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