Correct disks to use with vcr/dvd recorder

  Bogbrain 01:49 04 Dec 2006

Just bought a vcr/dvd recorder 2nd hand from an auction ( dirt cheap)but it works. What I want or need to know is which are the correct disks to use for the dvd recorder so that I can record tv programmes direct to disk rather than to the vcr. Does it depend on which type make or model the vcr/dvd machine is.Is there a particular format I need to buy for recording stuff directly to disk from tv and where can I buy the disks from? What, if anything,needs to be done to the disks before being able to use them.

  De Marcus™ 09:25 04 Dec 2006

You'll need to post the make and model for a definitive answer.

  Bogbrain 13:04 04 Dec 2006

De Marcus™
Mon, 04/12/06@09:25

You'll need to post the make and model for a definitive answer.

Ta for reply - all I can find on the machine is Make is a Funai. Model number DRVR B778
PAL(1) 220-240v 50 Hz 35w.

How dependant on make and model do the correct disks need to be? Incidentallay, I forgot to mention in my first post that pre-recorded dvd's will play back without any problem cos I tried one, it's just that when I tried a blank dvd-rw disk that I use for my pc I get a screen warning saying please remove disk as it doesn't have a playback facility. For some arcane reason I assumed a pc dvd-rw disk would work in vcr/dvd machine, obviously not hence my query to this board.

  De Marcus™ 13:18 04 Dec 2006

If click here is your model player then it only supports DVD-R and DVD-RW for recording. It should on the onther hand support both + and i formats in playback.

  Bogbrain 17:06 04 Dec 2006

Thats amazing - thanks well done for finding the link, that's my machine exactly.From what it says re - spec etc it appears as if I'm using the right disk etc, but I have e-mailed their technical department for any possible further enlightenemnt. Plus, I need a remote control for it too, hopefully they might be able to supply me with one of those too. I'll get back to you with any further updates but thanks for your help so far.

  Confab 13:01 05 Dec 2006

The RW disk will need to be formatted by your DVD recorder before it will work

  Bogbrain 14:16 05 Dec 2006

The RW disk will need to be formatted by your DVD recorder before it will work.
How do I do that then? I can't see any function on the machine itself to allow me to format the disk - it doesn't seem to be an auto function either. All it tells me when I've put a dvd -rw disk in is ' Pease eject disk as this disk as it may not have a playback facility'

  Bogbrain 15:04 05 Dec 2006

Is it that I need a "Video dvd -rw" disk, Rather than just a dvd-rw disk?

  postie24 16:11 05 Dec 2006

Have a look in the menu features.You have to finalize the disc before it will play on any other machine.Your model does auto finalizing for a full disc.If its not full you have to do it manually.If you intend to keep the recording,use a dvd-r,then finalize it.

  Bogbrain 22:05 05 Dec 2006

Have a look at the 'main features' where though re - postie24. I've been formatting these things on a pc via Nero. They're just bog standard dvd- rw disks. Do I need a specific type of disk to format for a vcr/dvd machine? A 'Video'-dvd-rw disk rather than just the standard pc dvd-rw disk.

  woodchip 23:10 05 Dec 2006

Formatting is on Screen, as is deleting programs. You do need the correct Remote to use the Recorder. As all fruitions are on screen. I have one by another name

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