Cordless Telephones

  johndrew 19:08 03 Sep 2007

An unusual request perhaps, but here goes....

Our 2 `phones (corded) appear to be on their way out, one is a bit intermittent and the other no longer `remembers` anything.

We are considering upgrading to cordless `phones but know nothing of them. Can anyone suggest a decent quality item (well pair actually) that will not tax our lack of technical expertise, provide an answer and `hands free` facility and have a decent operating time between charges (there will be in their cradles most of the time, but I understand it is usual to only get one charger).

VOIP is not an option as a). I have no idea how it needs to be set up, and b). the PC is often turned off and a distance from where the `phones would need to be used.

I should add that we do have 2 telephone sockets so if there is an alternative of two different handsets each with its own charger we could cope. A relatively small budget target would also be helpful.

Many thanks in anticipation.

  Woolwell 21:04 03 Sep 2007

I have found Panasonic cordless to be quite good.
You can get one base unit with 2 or 3 handsets. My handsets have their own cradles which act as chargers.
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  johndrew 09:30 04 Sep 2007

Many thanks for coming back.

Looks as is Panasonic gets the seal of approval from most people. My last two `phones have been BT and I`m far from impressed with the quality so I shall be looking at what`s on offer from your link.

Thanks again.

  john bunyan 10:46 04 Sep 2007

johndrew. Phillips do a very similar set to the Panasonic; I find them a bit easier to see!
Although you say Voip is not an option, for £7.99 a month you can get unlimited broadband calls to UK, Ireland USA etc via Vonage ( If you have a wireless router they send you a black box and you can then site your cordless phone where you want .As long as router/broadband modem is on you dont need to have computer on.Suggest you keep the BT line as well with another phone as Vonage give you a second number.

  v1asco 13:51 04 Sep 2007

I suggest you get a 'DECT phone'. These are very good as you only have to plug one phone into a telephone socket, the rest can be scatterred, all you need is a power point for the charger.You can buy 2 now and add more later, any brand as long as it is 'DECT' type.

I have Binatones similar to click here

The model I have has access to the answer machine from any phone, which is worth checking about. They are very convenient. You can use them as an internal intercom and transfer calls to other phones. I would suggest the model you buy should have these facilities also. I don't know if the above model has.

One draw back. They all require individual programming of numbers. Changing the number in one phone does not change it on the others. Maybe things have progressed and if there is a model out there that does this I would like to know as mine are due replacement soon, worn keypads and displays missing bits.

  johndrew 14:22 04 Sep 2007

More food for thought.

I don`t have a wireless router - I`m fully wired USB/ADSL - and I make few calls and those within the UK only so VOIP is still not an option.

Like the idea of buttons that are easy to see though!!!

I was not aware of the `DECT` bit (actually wondered what it was all about) so that is valuable info. The Panasonic from Argos click here seems to fit my budget and need, is a DECT `phone but may not have all the features the Binatone has. However as we would need only one `phone most of the time and our `old` `phones needed separate programming I doubt it is a problem.

I shall keep looking with your points in mind.

Many thanks.

  cycoze 15:07 04 Sep 2007

i bought a twin Phillips SE 435 this year , see click here

2 DECT phones, one sits on the main base station/answer phone, the other has its own charger, there is a small tray to pop in a sim card to transfer phone numbers(up to 250), or you can add numbers manually to one phone then send it to the other.

Also has caller id if enabled on your line, speaker phone which works well, 30 minute answer phone message time, and very easy to use, only downside is the ringtones which are a not really to my taste.

  oresome 15:59 04 Sep 2007

I have two Philips dect phones.

The disappointment is that the answering machine doesn't have a time and date stamp. I never asked at time of purchase because I assumed all would have this feature.

Not quite as convenient as wired phones to transfer a call, where you would simply pick up the other phone and replace the first. You have to dial the other phone.

  cycoze 18:44 04 Sep 2007

Yours may be different to mine, but mine show the time/date/duration of each answer phone message on the handset when played back.

  oresome 19:06 04 Sep 2007

Philips DECT 221 / 225

  johndrew 09:55 05 Sep 2007

Thanks for your input everyone. I shall now look around at prices and buy knowing a lot more than I did.

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