cordless headphones

  hzhzhz 00:35 07 Nov 2005

Today I was given a pair of cordless headphones for my birthday. These things are really useful.I listen to a lot of techno on winamp and now I can walk around the house without anyone moaning about the noise. Just thought I'd tell you.

  vinnyT 15:17 10 Nov 2005

Been using them for years, started off with IR, walk out the room and lose the signal. Then onto FM, and I totally agree, they are excellent.

I must look like a cyberman when taking the dog round the outside of the house late at night, still listening to the radio or telly.

  GaT7 20:18 10 Nov 2005

Good on you hzhzhz, & belated birthday greetings : ))

Could you please tell us the make or model of the cordless headphones, & how good they are? Ta, G

  hzhzhz 21:42 10 Nov 2005

They are phillips wireless with rechargeable batteries. Model no. sbc hc8440. Not the best sound quality in the world but you can hear the music and they are comfortable. The only thing is that since Ive been using them I seem to have developed a very annoying background noise when playing games. When I am surfing I can hear every mouse movement as it passes over links, and pages loading have become noisy.Its like a static noise. It happens whatever phones I use or even through the stereo. All from the line out socket. Ill have to put it to helproom.

  hzhzhz 21:50 10 Nov 2005

Thanks for the b/day greetings Crossbow7. I was 51 last sunday and I still love loud techno music and playing pc/xbox games esp. Far Cry, Manhunt,Project Snowblind and GTO san andreas.I hope I'm still doing similar things when I'm 61. Stay young at heart guys.

  wee eddie 23:19 10 Nov 2005

I'm getting "Cream at the Albert Hall" DVD for my Christmas.

I suppose I shall have to use my cans as the TV's top volume is pathetic and distorts like the blazes.

I use JVC 616's, but then I'm wired!

  hzhzhz 00:13 11 Nov 2005

wee eddie

I watched some of Cream on the box recently. Amazing. That drum solo, wow.

  [email protected] 23:04 11 Nov 2005

I'm not sure if you have posted your problem in the helproom. If not or you haven't found a solution then try this:

Open your sound properites (control panel, sound and audio devices, advanced). Click the options menu and choose advanced. Under 'Playback' tick the box for 'PC speaker'. Click OK then mute this in the volume control. By default it is not muted, but does cause a buzzing sound, which is affected by mouse movement, when volume is turned up high.

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