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  DemonJag 08:34 09 Nov 2007

I have a small banner I copyright my images with in Adobe CS2, however as some are obviously portrait and some landscape, this takes a lot of time. I was told that I can overcome this issue by creating a banner in a path and create an action that will insert the banner to both Landscape and Portrait images in the same place and proportional size... I have looked everywhere on how to do this but I am stuck, can anyone else help please?

  Noels 09:27 09 Nov 2007

In CS2 create new document. Then new layer. Press Shift-U to get Custom Shape tool find the Copyright symbol.Place this in the centre of your new document.Pres T to create a Type layer. Type your info round the Copyright symbol.Press M to get rectanguler Marquee tool and draw a rectangle round your info.Go to Edit and choose define brush preset find and Name your seected brush.Go to the last brush in the set which will then be yours.
To use open a photo you want to copyright.Open a new layer then the brush and apply to the photo either way round. You can adjust the opacity to suit also colour etc.
Hope this is of some help Noels

  cycoze 10:30 09 Nov 2007

I made two separate actions, one for landscape and another for portrait, i can then run a batch action on a folder of images which are the same size, size is important as when you make your action it will only fit the size of image you made the action with, use a smaller image and you will get a giant watermark, use a larger image and you will get a smaller watermark.

Simple method can be found at Photoshop911 click here scroll down a couple of paragraphs to "Recording the Action" if you already have a watermark made.

Another option is to save a clear psd with the watermark on (you could have a frame added to it as well), and simply copy and paste it to images as you work on them individually.

  cycoze 10:45 09 Nov 2007

I forgot about Russell Brown... he has some great video tutorials, just had a look and he has one for doing both landscape and portrait watermarks from one action.

You need Quicktime to view the video click here

  hssutton 12:18 09 Nov 2007

I find the best way is to create a copyright brush. Then it's a simple matter to just click on your brush and then on your photo. No need for actions or batch processing and the colour size and opacity can be easily adjusted as you edit your images.

Sample image click here

  DemonJag 12:27 09 Nov 2007

Thanks for all the advice people.. I have already actions for separate sizing of portrait and landscape and adding the logo, but as I process several hundred images at a time its a pain separating out the different LS/PT images into folders and then reprocessing.

I am going to have a play with a couple of the suggestions to see how I get on and look for the tuturial mentioned and then post on the best result I found - thank you.

  DemonJag 13:40 09 Nov 2007

Cycoze.. thanks for the tip on the tutorial, the link itself does not work when I tried but I did find it at [url]click here[/url]

Have reviewed the tutorial and it does exactly what I need reducing my actions by 4x so thank you very much and I highly recommend this method to anyone who wants to brand documents or images with CS2

  cycoze 17:36 09 Nov 2007

Russell Browns tuts are great, learnt a lot from them.

Know what you mean about dividing up the portraits from the landscapes, it is a pain so i will be using the above myself now, often have batches of 200+ images to do.

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