Copying VHS tapes to DVD

  alan227 15:31 23 Jan 2006

My wife has a large collection of Disney VHS tapes, and our video is going wonky.
I have just brought a DVD recorder and want to copy the VHS tapes onto my computer so that I can copy it back to a DVD.
What sort of card will I need to buy for my computer to copy from the VHS recorder to the hard drive and what program will I need to copy from the hard Drive back to DVD, and is it difficult to do?.

  De Marcus™ 16:33 23 Jan 2006
  De Marcus™ 16:34 23 Jan 2006

Sorry I meant to add that the cable in the above link comes with capture, editing and burning software. And there's the added bonus of not having to open your pc up.

  alan227 16:42 23 Jan 2006

Cheers De Marcus, that is better than messing about in the PC.

  De Marcus™ 16:45 23 Jan 2006


The cable does require usb 2.0

  alan227 16:58 23 Jan 2006

The USB 2 is no problem, have you got one of these yourself?.

  De Marcus™ 17:00 23 Jan 2006

I can't say that I have, however they have been recommended a few times on this forum.

  Smiler 19:13 27 Jan 2006

Worth bookmarking

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