Connectivity-which is best?

  jack 12:25 18 May 2009

Have been having some difficulty getting the Digital PVR to show up on the Digi TV when fired up to set recorder or play a title.
When activated the 'HDMI 1'shows up on a blank screen.
I then have to juggle the TV to AV2 to get the PVR to show up. Then it will revert to HDMI[blank] unless I am very quick.
Pondering I took a look at the back of the TV and guessed the reason why -
Too many connectors. There is SCART, HDMI, and Component- all connected from TV to PVER.
So I guess simplify it to one set and all should be well.
So eliminating SCART for starters which- HDMI or
Component should remain?

  Stuartli 12:44 18 May 2009

HDMI is the newest standard for digital sound and video connectivity.

I'm sure, unless you are also connecting other equipment, that you don't need other connection leads.

Scart leads do, normally, provide automatic switching when, for instance, a VCR is used with a TV.

  jack 18:44 18 May 2009

Have abandoned VCR
So out with SCART and Component- see what happens

  Stuartli 18:47 18 May 2009

My LCD TV switches automatically when equipment using a Scart lead is activated, but normally I have to change to AV etc manually using the TV's remote control.

  BRYNIT 22:14 18 May 2009

I'm surprised you managed to get a picture as the HDMI and scart connections from your PVR were fighting for control of your TV.

Which is best HMDI or Scart? It will depend on the quality of your TV, try both and see which you think is best.

If you look at the instruction books for TV and PVR it should tell you if your PVR remote can control your TV and if any setting in the TV menu need changing when connected Via HMDI to make life easier.

  Stuartli 00:08 19 May 2009
  jack 08:29 19 May 2009

Last evening I stripped all out and reconnected SCART only.
At least they are talking to each other and I could do things as normal.
I will at another time work the HDMI only, then component
We shall see which gives the best result picture quality and controllability

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