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  tardis100 23:20 20 Jul 2006

Very new to using a forum such as this but I hope someone out there can answer a few questions. At the moment all I have is a TV (4 terrestrial channels only) and a VCR. I am wanting to add a DVD Recorder. My TV and VCR only have one Scart socket so how do I make the link up between the 3? And what do I do with the aerial lead?? I think the DVD recorder I will buy will have 2 scart. Will I be able to record on to the VCR and record a different prog. onto the DVD at the same time? What new leads do I need to buy? I’m sure I have other queries but this will do for a start!!

  sean-278262 00:39 21 Jul 2006

You simply buy a scart extension 3 gang will do, and use that to connect. This will mean you can use all 3 even though you have only 1 scart available. You can record a DVD and a VCR tape at the same time but you need to decide the best method of connecting things together.

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  tardis100 06:50 21 Jul 2006

Thanks for that info. but I need a bit more help with "you need to decide the best method of connecting things together." Not done this before so need very simple info. as to what plugs into where? on which machine and which new leads to buy. Thanks in anticipation.

  BRYNIT 11:01 21 Jul 2006

It sound as though your TV and VCR are a few years old therefore.

I would connect the aerial to DVD recorder from DVD to VCR then to TV. Yes you will be able to record different channels at the same time.

Tune your VCR into a channel of your TV. You will not find much difference in the picture quality connecting this way.

Connect the DVD recorder to the TV via the scart lead.

  tardis100 15:40 21 Jul 2006

Thanks Brynit. I feel I'm getting somewhere. Would it be OK to plug a Scart extn. into the TV and then plug a scart into that from the DVD and then also plug a scart from the VCR into this extn?

  BRYNIT 22:08 21 Jul 2006

Connecting VCR to DVD to TV via scart will cause problems. If you switch both the VCR and DVD on only one will be able to send a signal to the TV.

The only other way would be to get a 2 or 3 way scart connector that can switch between the units. But you would have to manually switch between the VCR and DVD.

Connecting as above will allow you to record on say the VCR and watch a DVD at the same time without having to get up and manually switching between units.

  tardis100 22:17 21 Jul 2006

Thanks for that - think I've got it now. Really appreciate all the info. thanks for taking the time to sort me out!!

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