Connecting camcorder to computer.

  ß®ÃÐ †H€ LåÐ 20:09 04 Jul 2007

Transferring from Mini DV camcorder to PC.

I have a Sony DCR-HC27E Mini DV camcorder and a Windows XP computer that appears to only have old USB ports. Can anyone tell me what hardware/software I need to transfer to my computer and then edit (I have tried copying to DVD but cannot then download this to my computer).
Any help appreciated.

Firewire port you will require as it is a standard connection for sony camcorders to pcs .
Then use nero 7 as it will allow you to copy anything.
hope it helps

  ß®ÃÐ †H€ LåÐ 20:46 04 Jul 2007

Thanks for the reply.
I'm a bit ignorant as to what a firewire port (is that like a card that fits somewhere into the computer?)

  ICF 16:01 05 Jul 2007

This is a firewire card click here
As you say it fits into a PCI slot on your motherboard.Some motherboards have Firewire or 1394 as it's sometimes called integrated on the motherboard.

  hastelloy 16:21 05 Jul 2007

You need to finalise the DVD before putting it in the PC.

  ß®ÃÐ †H€ LåÐ 20:11 05 Jul 2007

Thanks. I've copied to dvd and finalized but the computer won't let me download to its memory. I don't know why, that's why I think I need some hardware and software.

  ICF 10:01 06 Jul 2007

How have you copied the video footage to DVD?

  hastelloy 09:50 07 Jul 2007

Can you not drag and drop it into a file on your HDD?

  ß®ÃÐ †H€ LåÐ 10:13 08 Jul 2007

I copied it to DVD using using a rewritable disc on my dvd player, finalized and then it plays on my computer but nothing more. I hope that helps.

If I open the file and send it to a folder it breaks down into several VOB, IFO & BUP files (no idea what they are).

Also, if I need some hardware suggested above, can anyone show me what the cable looks like at each end (I don't want to buy the hardware if the cable supplied won't connect my camcorder to the computer - I can't find a decent picture when searching). Thanks.

  hastelloy 13:52 08 Jul 2007

which will edit using the VOB files as will Ulead video studio. I guess other, similar software will do the same.

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