Connect Sky to PC

  Bhavesh 17:58 28 Jun 2006

Hello People,

If I wanted to connect my Sky digibox to my PC what sort of TV card would I need?

I would like to get the best picture quality as my primary reason for this type of connection is to record Sky TV. Would a RF to RF or Scart to S-Video be better?

All help would be appreciated.

  SG Atlantis® 22:03 28 Jun 2006

save yourself the grief and slowness and use a hdd dvd recorder under the telly.

  rodriguez 22:32 28 Jun 2006

If you want a cheap option you could try this (click here). It's only 30 quid and allows you to record from any AV source (such as a Sky digibox) onto the computer in MPEG-2 format (which is what Sky uses). However as SG Atlantis® says, when you capture to the computer it can be quite slow if your machine isn't up to it and you have to burn the DVD's with something like Nero after you've captured it, so if you have a bit more money you may as well go for a DVD recorder with a hard drive.

  silverous 10:29 29 Jun 2006

..the best option is a sweetspot tv card (see here: click here)
as you can then use a scart to component input cable to get the best quality. I don't think they are the cheapest though.

Also check out:

click here

(hope that works)

Can any of the geniuses out there tell me if it is possible to connect my Sky+recorder to my Freeview cable feed?Unfortunately where I live satellite dishes are not allowed and I still have my Sky+hard drive recorder.
Thanks in anticipation.

  discountshop 10:37 19 Mar 2010


To connect Sky you'll need an analogue tv tuner card such as the Hauppauge MCE150 to handle the conversion to MPEG. You'll then need to connect the composite video and the stereo output from the Sky box to the input on the MCE 150. Only Sky+ has an s-video connection so unless you have that you're stuck with composite (a very few normal Sky boxes also offered s-video, I think the Sony one did). Once you've done that you can get MCE to scan for services, it should find the signal on the composite input and you can then set the EPG to Sky.

You'll need to attach the IR Blaster that comes with the MCE remote to the front of your Sky box so MCE can change channels and then you should be there. To have Sky+ type functionality, record one channel while watching anoter you'll need two Sky boxes which means another Sky box and a Multi-Room subscription which duplicates your existing subscription to another box which costs £10 per month.

  jitendrasnv 10:24 30 Mar 2010


I think the TV tuner card can work for the connection .


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