connect RGB scart tv to VGA out put on laptop with audio.

  Joanne Dowling 14:45 04 Mar 2012

I have a Fergason tv, approx 4 years old, not sure of the model number. On one side it has 2 female scart outputs. One says "RGB" the other says "YUV" above that is a small round output in metal with a prong in it that says "tuner" On the other side of the tv it has an orange output with a headphones symbol, below a yellow output that says "video" and then a red and a white output that says "audio left and right". My laptop is a Toshiba L750D/L755D it says it has HDMI -port and also has a VGA blue out put on the side. It works on windows 7. I am stuck on which cables i need to have to connect my laptop to my tv to be able to watch dvds and use facebook on a bigger screen. Could you please give me advice. The cables need to be approx 3mtrs or more in length to reach the laptop so i am able to type using the keyboard on the laptop. Many thanks.

  100andthirty 14:13 05 Mar 2012

I strongly suspect that the answer is "none of them" and you're stuck with an old TV with no suitable connection. However if your laptop has a composite video socket - something like the yellow one you mentioned for the TV, then you could get a phono to phono lead and connect them together for video. Such sockets are unusual on newer laptops. You would also need a 3.5mm stereo jack to twin phono lead to connect from the laptop's headphone socket to the red/white audio sockets. If you did manage to get it going you might find the picture quality of DVD's barely acceptable and Facebook unuseable. The Phono to Phono connection can't give good quality.

You might want to face up to a new TV; Richer Sounds have a good selection. This one is their cheapest 32" at £199 and you can get a 5 year warrenty for £19.99.

In my experience a dedicated DVD player is more reliabile than hooking cables to a TV and although a TV has a bigger screen you'll be sitting further away, so no overall gain.

  natdoor 17:10 16 Mar 2012

VGA to RGB Scart adapters are available. However, they require a graphics card with the ability to provide interlaced output and to adjust the resolution to match those of the TV standard. In addition, RGB Scart requires vertical and horizontal sync to be combined. Since standard VGA outputs these separately, either the display card must be able to do so too, or sync signals must be summed with a simple circuit, included as a part of the adapting cable . Also, since Scart is capable of carrying different video formats, it may be necessary to provide a control signal to select between RGB and composite. Since your Scarts are separately labelled, this may not be applicable in your case.

Before purchasing such a cable I would suggest that you check if your graphics card is capable of providing the necessary outputs, possibly by contacting Toshiba, and if your TV needs the 1 volt control signal on scart pin 16. I have seen suggestions that either the graphics card or the TV could be damaged if there is incompatability, so I suggest you proceed with caution. Reviews of such cables often state that they do not work, indicating probable lack of graphic card facilities, while some are delighted with them.

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