Compact camera bracketing

  Quickbeam 11:08 10 Aug 2008

Does a compact camera on bracketing mode take 3 separate shots with different exposure values, or does it take one shot, and record the single image with 3 different exposure values...?

  jack 11:54 10 Aug 2008

To find out take a shot set in the mode
Then see if you can detect three quick succession exposures with 3 write modes or one exposure with 3 write modes

  Quickbeam 12:05 10 Aug 2008

It's the new Panasonic FX500 which is very quick compared to other compacts I've had, which is why I wonder if one shot is recorded, and stored in 3 versions.

  Quickbeam 12:36 10 Aug 2008

3 shots it is... I had to be moving on a swivel chair to show a difference though. So the interval is very quick.

  Kemistri 12:37 10 Aug 2008

If you can't detect three actuations from something as sloth-like as a compact, then there is definitely only actuation!! If there was more than one, you would notice it.

Compacts typically make three extrapolated EVs from one actuation. It is not the most efficient method, but it overcomes the slow response and FPS.

  Quickbeam 12:51 10 Aug 2008

Definitely 3 shots separate on this one.

  hssutton 15:33 10 Aug 2008

The manual is quite explicit.

3 pictures are automatically recorded in the selected exposure compensation range each time the shutter button is pressed. You can select the picture with the desired exposure from the three pictures with different exposures

  Kemistri 15:52 10 Aug 2008

You're lucky there, Quickbeam. You have found that rare thing: a reasonably quick and responsive compact.

  User2008 18:42 10 Aug 2008

"You have found that rare thing: a reasonably quick and responsive compact."

When's the last time you used a compact? Circa 2000?

  Kemistri 19:28 10 Aug 2008

User2008 -- you've never used an SLR then, I take it? In comparison to how cameras should perform, most compacts are well below par. I have not owned a compact in about 18 years, but my last experience with them involved trying to find a half-decent one that would make a good present for someone back in the spring of this year. It was not a very pleasant search.

  User2008 20:17 10 Aug 2008

No (I have had a play with a couple) but I wouldn't dismiss all, or most, compacts as sluggish and unresponsive.

The latest compacts at £200 to £300 are very, very impressive and certainly not slow/unresponsive.

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