combined tv/pc monitor or not?

  josie mayhem 15:12 27 Aug 2006

It almost bithday time again!

And having rebuilt my main computer I've decided that the crt monitor needs to be replaced, with a nice LCD that I can mount on the wall...

But I'm not sure which direction to go? Only that I want at least a 19inch wide screen that can be wall mounted..

Two options

1, A LCD TV that can be used as a pc monitor

2, Get a widescreen PC monitor and then a sperate TV card

Any suggestions or pitfalls concerning either of these two options?

  kinger 15:43 27 Aug 2006

A separate TV card would be best.

You can add features and download any updates, while, if the TV is built in, that's it, you're stuck with what you've got.

  ArrGee 09:49 29 Aug 2006

Might be worth a quick read
click here

  josie mayhem 10:38 30 Aug 2006

Been doing a little research and a lot of thinking of option and where my computer is heading...

One of the reasons that I was concidering buying a combined set was due to what I've seen so far pc monitor wise is very little choose of wide screen availibility, but slightlly more choose when it comes to a wide screen TV that can be used as a monitor.

But the more I think about it, if I buy a combined tv/monitor then I have to use one or the other and feel that I would not be able to record down to the hard drive...

But if I do has you suggested and go pc monitor and card set-up, then I can use both...

And then there's another little idea stirring in my minds eye... A much larger hard drive (to hold all those recored programs of course (the one that I record and don't waatch))

Still got just over a week before my birthday so I'll keep this thread open just a little longer!

  josie mayhem 14:13 02 Sep 2006

Well in true female style I changed my mind so to speak.

After draging poor hubby around the shops for the afternoon, I decide otherwise...

When checking specification on both types I found that this limited my choose... I wanted to utilize my DVI connection, then when concidering the real need on having TV available well not being a telly watcher then decided there was no real need to have a combined telly/monitor.

I looked at some widescreens monitor but the only one that I felt comfortable with did not have the DVI conection I decided against it.

In the end I brought a Sony SDM and looking at the 17in and 19in version I decided that the 17in would suit my needs better.

I've decided that I will get a TV card eventualy, but I will hang on a bit longer until Vista is out and drivers are available, as at the moment I'm running Vista beta on one of my computers and like it. This is the direction I'm heading so I shall wait..

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