Codec convesion?

  wolfie3000 07:07 04 May 2006

I wonder if any one can help i need a program preferably freeware to convert this type of video file (codec)

click here

To this type of file (codec)

click here

Its a AVI to WMV i think im not sure on the codecs and stuff,

Basicly im trying to convert video iv captured using fraps so i can edit them in windows movie maker2,

Iv tryed to import the AVI videos straight into windows MM2 but it crashes i found out its some thing to do with the codecs but its way above my head so i thought if i could convert the files before importing them.

  GroupFC 12:59 04 May 2006

Your not having much luck with this project are you?

I don't know anything about codecs, but you could try looking for a general .avi to .wmv converter (for example have a trawl thro, some of these click here=), and see if that does the job. You could also try here click here.

I am not familar with Fraps (but just had a quick look at the website) - do they not have a forum, where you could post your problem?

I am not sure why you are having a problem with MM2 as according to the FAQ's (click here), you should be able to load the .avi into MM2.

  wolfie3000 13:08 04 May 2006

Well GroupFC

You would think that an avi would work in MM2 but theres different avi file types,

Its a major headache for me but i have good news to report i downloaded a program called
STOIK Video converter 2 and it works a treat so far i only did a quick test video and it didnt crash YAYYY!!!!!

i converted the output video file from fraps (which has its own codec) its an avi file to a wmv file and then imported it into MM2 it was touch and go but it worked,
I start the main project saturday so hopefully i should not encounter any problems.

The test video i uploaded to google video and when its been approved i will link it here.

its quite funny.

  wolfie3000 13:14 04 May 2006

Heres all the programs mentioned

click here

Stoik video converter 2.0
click here

As for a forum for the problems well i was in a halo forum and a guy there helped me out by reccomending Stoik.

  GroupFC 13:43 04 May 2006

Interestingly enough Stoik was one of the ones I had a quick look at, but didn't suggest it (or anything else), as I don't like suggesting s/ware that I haven't used myself.

"I start the main project saturday.....", so we can expect to see a few more posts then - LOL!

I'll be interested to see your test video, once you've posted the link.

  wolfie3000 13:54 04 May 2006

Stoik has a freeware version thats what i got,

As for test videos i have made alot of them to test different things such as importing clips sound tests and such,

Heres a test clip i did a while back,

click here

For some reason i always make my test videos funny,

This is the only one iv uploaded to google video apart from the one i did today but im waiting for it to be passed,

i have about twenty test videos in different formats made from different games such as Halo, GTA Vice city and such,

I will some day upload them all to google video or make them into one huge video as a few people found them funny,
Anyway hope you like it.

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