changing from Samsung S3 to a new Samsung S6

  carver 09:06 09 Jul 2015

Hi, hope this dosn't sound silly but I am getting a new Sansung S6 from a website and have asked EE for a PAC code but and this is the question, EE have told me that they can not port the number over as the provider on the new phone is them and I can't transfer my old number to the new phone.

Are they just being awkward because I refuse to pay £10 a month extra to them for the same phone with less data.

  BRYNIT 12:52 09 Jul 2015

If you have purchased a sim free phone and your are going to using EE sim only price plan you do not need a pac number as you will still be with EE. Just move the sim card from old phone to new phone and sign up to the package you want.

You will only need a pac number if you are changing to another provider like 3, O2, Orange etc.

  AroundAgain 14:13 09 Jul 2015

Sounds like a misunderstanding as to what you are wanting

As Brynt and toejams have said, if the S6 is sim-free, and you're paying for the phone outright, ie not on another contract, then you just move your current sim card.

What phone you use is nothing to do with the provider, it's the service via the sim card you're paying for. However, if you want to change from a 3G service to a 4G service, then yes, that will be more costly

Hope you've got it sorted now

  EmmaThomson 10:33 14 Jul 2015

If you want to change from a 3G service to a 4G service.

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