Changing image filename

  DaveGriff 13:16 05 Mar 2007

I'm looking for a camera or software that will allow me to change an image filename "in camera".
I need to be able to name a file specifically rather than those generated by the camera e.g. DSC00001.jpg
Failing that, is there any software that allows one to set up a specific prefix before adding a consecutive number after it.
Does anyone know of such an animal?

  [email protected] 15:30 05 Mar 2007

I don't understand what you mean with the first part. You want to give a file a specific name? Why not right click that file and rename it?

"Failing that, is there any software that allows one to set up a specific prefix before adding a consecutive number after it."

Highlight all the files you want, right click and rename. Enter the filename then press enter and then all of the files will have that name followed by a number in brackets.

  DaveGriff 15:55 05 Mar 2007

Thanks for responding [email protected]
I'm out and about on site and want to name the object I'm photographing. As there may be 30 to 40 images a day being recorded, I'm not always able to remember the details so I want to name the file with an abbreviated amount of detail in the filename whilst out on site.
I wondered therfore if a particular camera had this facility.
I realise that I can rename them after I've downloaded the image, but it is the ability to rename before I download that I am looking for.

  [email protected] 16:35 05 Mar 2007

Sorry I somehow managed to miss the word 'camera' in your first sentance and thought you meant on the computer.

A visit to a specialist camera store such as Jessops would probably be worthwhile as the staff will have experience with lots of cameras so should know if any offer that facility.

My father owns a Pentax Optio camera and, if I remember correctly, there is an option to record a voice message to each photo if that would suffice. This is only a vauge memory though so do double check this before buying it if you fancy the idea.

  jack 08:39 06 Mar 2007

I don't know of a camera that will enable you to attach a unique title to a frame- I can only envisage one the inputs directly to a laptop or similar.
Can you see it- a camera with a keyboard?
Looks like you are going to be stuck with note book and blunt pencil.

  jack 08:42 06 Mar 2007

Or how does this sound?
A white board -or melamine sufaced board to suitable size and and a supply of 'Wipe off' markers.
Photo the title detail in to the picture.

  rick808 16:36 06 Mar 2007

Not too sure on other models but the Nikon D2X will allow you to change the 3 letter prefix in-camera per shot and also has a one-touch voice recorder so you can attach an audio description as well. I know this is an expensive option but sure there are cheaper alternatives that will do the same thing (Nikon D200} for instance).

  jack 10:48 07 Mar 2007

To further add to my last post and depending on the subject matter, I envisage 2 shots per record- one with the details included as described and another 'clean' shot

  rupie 16:49 08 Mar 2007

There are lots of programs that will rename files in whatever way you want, especially when they are being downloaded from camera to computer "eg school001 etc". The software that came with your camera may have that facility. Nikon use a piece of software calleed Nikon View that is used for transfering pictures from camera and you can do all this and lots more.

  jack 19:53 08 Mar 2007

Simply changing the file name on an image needs no software simply right click in the file and click on rename - type in the field and bobs your auntie

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