Card not Initialised

  Ron B 11:17 27 Dec 2005

Error message appears on Fujifilm S20 even though 1 GB Compact Flash card was formatted on PC.

  bremner 11:24 27 Dec 2005

I have no experience of this camera but many cameras insist on the cards being formatted in the camera and not on a PC.

  VideoSentry 16:25 27 Dec 2005

I second what bremmer says, we have 3 X different makes of cameras ( and different cards ) and you need to format them in the camera

  DieSse 17:27 27 Dec 2005

Many cameras need extra information on the card which formatting in a PC cannot supply, as it's camera specific.

  Ron B 08:52 28 Dec 2005

Thanks for the replies. I realise the error of my ways now, but the problem is that the camera will not format the card.

  jack 08:56 28 Dec 2005

Cards formatted on a PC will not be recognized by camera.
They must be formatted in the camera of intended use.

Cameras use a different system to PC's and the image type is different .
Properly called EXIF it is a modified JPEG with extra info.
This means that altrhough computer can read camera files, cameras cannot read an image file that has been through the the mill in a computer because the XIF extra info will have been deleted in the computer.
So for example if you wanted to use the camera to view on a TV. Like as not a card loaded from the computer after editing will not work.
Although this anomily is being being recognised and if you have recent PC/operating system and editing software - the problem may have gone away.

  bremner 09:26 28 Dec 2005

You say "Cards formatted on a PC will not be recognized by camera.They must be formatted in the camera of intended use."

That is not correct for all camera's.

My HP707 is perfectly happy excepting a card formatted on the PC.

I can also create a doodle in Paint save it as a jpeg to the card and then view it fine on the camera. The doodle jpg of course contains no EXIF data.

What you have said may be true for some cameras but by no means all.

But in Ron B's case it seems his camera does require formatting by the camera.

  jack 14:09 28 Dec 2005

I take on board what you say- and you are correct- for your camera .
However if the card is formatted in the camera it's intended for- one cannot be far out.
Worth remembering should you move on from your HP camera to a proper one.

  bremner 14:51 28 Dec 2005

"Worth remembering should you move on from your HP camera to a proper one"

Proper one?

  cycoze 16:46 28 Dec 2005

When you formatted the card what file format did you use ? format it(via computer) in FAT instead of FAT32 or NTFS, if you chose one of the latter, as FAT can be read by most OS including Camera Software.

  cycoze 16:58 28 Dec 2005

Meant to add, For example by default, Windows XP will format CompactFlash card of 64MB+ with FAT32 format. Digital cameras along with other devices normally use the FAT (FAT16) format and can not operate with a FAT32 formatted card. Either format your CompactFlash card in your camera(which you have already tried) or select FAT format to format your CompactFlash card in a Windows XP PC.

Have seen the same thing happen many times with XD cards.

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