Car speakers for spitfire

  User-4E317026-61D7-43D3-BDD7810F52D5F2A9 15:55 13 Apr 2008

i have recently bought a triumph spitfire, and i am very pleased but i have realised that there is no radio or anything to play music on. i have decided to buy some speakers and hook and mp3 up to them, i think i can link the speakers to the battery but i have no idead what speakers i need and are good. i have a limited amount of space but i think theis enough to fit speackers in with room to spare, can anybody help me? what speakers do i need?

Thank you

So what should i do? i am wanting large speakers that give good sound, what should i do?

  dms05 17:49 13 Apr 2008

You really need to install a Radio/CD type of combination with mp3 input, then attach your speaker to that. The mp3 player will need some sort of amplification and you could always buy just an amplifier but maybe the extra versitility of a combined Radio and amplifier would be better value.

The Radio or the amplifier connects to the battery. The speaker then connect to the Radio or Amplifier.

ok, so if i put the radio cd combo in and mp3 input could i attach it to two speakers attach it to the batery and make it removable?

  Covergirl 12:48 17 Apr 2008

Shouldn't this be in the absolute beginners section as Mr Moist seems to be something of a numpty?

  Covergirl 12:49 17 Apr 2008

Personally, I think we're being wound up by an expert

no i am not an expert, i just wanted to make sure i was getting the hang lol, are 500 watt speakers good? i was thinkin about buying 2 500 watt speakers, what kinda out put is that?

  aitch2 13:18 27 Apr 2008

You need to install a Radio/MP3 player as the selection action of the gearstick will not allow the insertion of a CD. 550W speakers will not fit in the doors and are loud enough to blow the boot lid off if you put a speaker panel there. Reduce the size of the speakers and put them on the rear panel behind the seats that hides the petrol tank. Put cable under the carpet, switch on and enjoy and with the roof down they will still hear the boom boom as you arrive.

thank you aitch2, i am not too fussed about the boom boom lol, the engine is very loud and i like my music loud lol. i have found a "Alpine TDA 7592R Head Unit with 4 x 60w amplifier." but i am unsure what the 4 x 60w amplifier means. would this still work with those speakers and do i need an amp to put it into 4 ohms?

  jolorna 23:20 25 May 2008

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  jack 16:56 26 May 2008

with the hood down?
I hope do not come with 10 miles of me with that lot belting out.
Apart from possibly breaking the law, you will certainly break the Spitfire.

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