Cant get KG290 MP3 player to work

  tristar 16:33 01 Feb 2008

I bought my wife an LG KG290 mobile phone, as it boasted a mp3 player.
I installed a micro sd card, and using the connect cable I bought, I sync'd a music album to the phone using Windows Media player.
It appeared to load the album OK - but I can't find it on the phone to get it to play.
The LG manual is pretty useless, so I have probably done something wrong, but I don't know what.
Would appreciate some advice on what to check.

I ripped the album using the WMA format, and I am running XP Home.


  mymate 13:33 03 Feb 2008

click here
It doesn't help you but someone else is having the same problems as you.
My friend had a Samsung mobile where he couldnt see the songs he had put on his memory card.He formated the memory card and put them on again and it worked

  tristar 15:18 03 Feb 2008

Thanks, but I've formatted the card several times to no effect.
It seems to be a problem with the audio format.
The one format this 'mp3' player doesn't seem to accept is mp3!
It would appear to be geared up for mp4 - which I don't have.
Perhaps the next version of Windows Media Player?

  mymate 17:51 03 Feb 2008

Itunes are MP4 have you got any of those you try to transfer over to see if they work ?

  mymate 18:00 03 Feb 2008

It’s easy to manage the music in your phone. The music player supports several file formats including MP3, AAC, WMA (Windows Media)
Just copied this from ebay seller.

  mymate 18:02 03 Feb 2008

You have gone into "Files" on your mobile and looked for the files on the memory card ? Your not just looking in the phones memory ?
Just a thought.

  tristar 09:58 04 Feb 2008

Yeah, I've tried WMA, dragging and dropping, and making sure I'm looking at the memory card.
I'm going to try downloading some music from itunes and copying them to the player.

BTW: MP3 is NOT listed in the manual as a supported format.

  mymate 15:59 04 Feb 2008

In the manual on line it says MP3 player page 48 click here
Let me know how you get on with trying to put Itunes songs on it.

  mymate 16:19 04 Feb 2008

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Have a look at Troyboy59 reply to people who are having trouble putting music on the LG

  tristar 18:32 04 Feb 2008

Apologies, 'mymate' I see that under usb cable it does mention mp3 files - not that I've managed to load them so that the phone finds them!

That Troyboy reply looks interesting, I'll have a go at that later.

  tristar 11:27 05 Feb 2008

It works!!
Thank you, mymate for persevering with my player problem, I'm really grateful.

I did a slight short cut from Troyboy's solution.
I opened up 'My Computer' selected 'Flash drive E' and simply drag and dropped music into the 'Sounds' folder.
That's seems to be the important bit, anywhere other than the sounds folder and the phone can't find it.

Thank you so much for your help.

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