Cant get BBC1 or 2 to view with my Panasonic

  dolphinaber 14:31 13 Jun 2009

Please can somebody help me get my BBC1 and 2 back which I can no longer get on my DVD recorder Panasonic DMR EX75EB.
Seems as though I have deleted them somehow.
All of my other Freeview stations are OK.
I have reinstalled the programes several times but neither BBC programs want to come back.
Thanks for any suggestions.

  Kevscar1 18:00 13 Jun 2009

Have you checked the freeview site to see if they are still being offerd. Channels seem to come and go every few months.

  Stuartli 18:05 13 Jun 2009

Oh come on, let's have a serious suggestion...:-)

  john bunyan 18:35 13 Jun 2009

Do they show on the Freeview TV? Have you checked signal strength? I recently found a join had failed in the aerial lead, and when I fixed it the channels came back - until then I was using just a bit of aerial cable, unknown to me.There is a facility in the panasonic menu to check. After it is ok you have to carry out a retune via menu, set up etc.

  john bunyan 18:43 13 Jun 2009

Just checked on my Panasnic EX75. Press functions, then others, then set up, then signal condition. Should be green. I know it is for whatever satation tuned but if it is poor I would check the connections from the aerial down to the DVDr

  jack 20:17 13 Jun 2009

arrangements locally - a slight shift in aerial alignment can cause drop out.[Shoo the fat pigeon off]
I am constantly having SKY 3[11] Dave1-[19]and some others that I care not a lot about, come and go.
A retune will sometimes not pick them up at all and other times will be there only to drop off mid programme.

  dolphinaber 23:14 13 Jun 2009

Been trying to log on all evening
Just sent a long message but it did not go Late now Signal strength great
Hope you get this

  laurie53 09:28 14 Jun 2009

The Freeview signal is very flaky and will remain so until the end of analogue when the power can be increased. Even the smallest thing can affect it.

I can sometimes get BBC on my tv and not on my recorder and vice versa.

In addition when I do get it it is sometimes shown as "No info" in the EPG.

  Stuartli 11:15 14 Jun 2009

That could be due to the overnight update not being received properly or the TV/STB not being on standby during that period.

  john bunyan 11:41 14 Jun 2009

If you have a good signal, a new scan via "Function", "Others", "Set Up" etc should find the channels. Are you in a "good" Freeview area?

  anchor 17:36 14 Jun 2009

I have the same model recorder, and live in a high digital signal strength area.

I don't know if analogue signals are still being transmitted in your region, but if they are, try setting your recorder to station 901 for BBC1 and 902 for BBC2. It works on mine.

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