Canon PowerShot A720 IS

  Alan2 16:31 18 Jan 2008

I am attracted to the above camera having had an A70 for a long time and managed to look at one for a short time recently and was very impressed.

However, I note the A720 IS uses only 2 AA batteries whereas the A70 with a much smaller viewing screen has 4 such batteries. I use 2700 mAh rechargeables.

Can anyone who has one tell me if they are finding the power consumption to be an issue?

  jack 20:10 18 Jan 2008

He Will know most likely
click here

  Stuartli 00:02 19 Jan 2008

If battery consumption is the only reason to suspend buying a Canon A720IS then you are being somewhat pernickety - there must be good reason to use two rather than four batteries.

All these Canon models (similar body but various specifications) are superb cameras and you'll be losing out on actually using one worrying unnecessarily about battery consumption...:-)

  jack 08:50 19 Jan 2008

Essentially look at it like this
A single cell[battery] provides 1.5 volts
That is any dry cell of that type 1.5 volts at a certain amperage
Volts = pressure
Amperage =duration or capacity.
Combinations of cells total the voltage but give the same capacity[duration]
In an imaginary situation then
1 cell of a given amp - will deliver 1.5 volts
2 cells 3. volts
4 cells 6
and so on
So this implies when you see a 2 or 4 cell camera it implies that camera system needs 3 or 6 volts.
This is a design requirement not a life duration requirement.
This is a very simple illustration and I am sure a Google on batteries will put you more in the picture.

  alB 09:58 19 Jan 2008

I have a Canon A570is which is similar to the A720is. If I'm honest the battery life is not brilliant, especially if you use the viewing screen a lot, but having said that, and to echo Stuartlis' comments it really is an excellent camera. I just take four extra charged batteries out with me and swap them as needed (very easy to do). If you do decide to buy one I'm sure you won't be dissapointed ...alB

  Stuartli 15:21 19 Jan 2008

My best mate also has the A570IS and one of the offspring the A710IS - one very much overlooked feature is that all have a proper viewfinder.

I could never understand the appeal of holding a digital camera away from you and judging a shot by peering at a small screen.

Easy to miss small details such as facial expressions I would suspect.

  lisa02 16:29 19 Jan 2008

I own the A720is and power consumption is pretty good however....

Flash recharge time is slow as it's only 2 AA batteries.

Apart from that it is a superb bit of kit.

  jack 16:55 19 Jan 2008

Stuartli wrote
I could never understand the appeal of holding a digital camera away from you and judging a shot by peering at a small screen.

In absolute accord with you there Stuartli
I doubt very much if I could see anything.
It is reminiscent of the Box Brownie days when holding the thing to belly button and peering into a minuscule window,
Its all a step backward to me.

  alB 17:09 19 Jan 2008

A viewfinder was one of my main considerations when upgrading from my ageing Fuji, I would have stuck with the brand but all their newer models seem to have gone over to just a screen and I much prefer to frame my pictures the "old" way ...alB

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