Canon Cash back -( your Havin A frickin laugh!!!!)

  lez259 14:05 26 Jul 2007

Having recently purchased a Canon Eos 400D digital camera, i decided to claim the £50:00 cash back to which i am quite entitled to do.So after trawling through all the small print on the web site and duly filling in all appropriate forms,supplying all the relevent details, serial number, cutting the bar code from the box,supplying proof of purchase in the form of a photocopy of the shop reciept,birth certificate, blood group etc etc. I have heard absolutley nothing from canon-europe,not a sausage. Am I being to cynical by suspecting this is a scam.
Has anybody actually received any "cash back"
Certainly not me alll i have now is a box with a big hole cut in the side.

  cycoze 15:01 26 Jul 2007

If You registered etc You should get Your cashback, it just takes a long time sometimes.

I have had cash back in the last year on four items, three separate claims, forgot a recent one and did not go to sort out my claim in time.

So to date, successful claims for two lenses, one camera and a flash unit, total approx £250.

One claim took nearly three months, another was sorted within one month.

  oresome 15:36 26 Jul 2007


I expect they count on some purchasers forgetting or not fully complying with the T&C's, otherwise they might just as well reduce the price in the first place.

  ventanas 15:38 26 Jul 2007

Of course its not a scam. This offer is publicised on all major retailers web sites. And Canon will never risk their reputation in that way. But as cycoze has said, some of these can take a while. The info usually states how long it could be.
The last one I got (£100 from Corel) took about a month. Just be patient.

  hssutton 16:21 26 Jul 2007

I bought the 30D in January, sent all the necessary paper work in. Two months later not having heard from them I emailed Canon direct. They gave me a number to ring, on phoning them, they checked my details on their computer and confirmed that they had my details and that the rebate would be sent. I received a cheque for £100, but it took 3 months an email and a phone call to get it.

  ^wave^ 17:36 26 Jul 2007

i got an a640 and i got my money back it did take a month i rang to check if it was going through and a very nice lady said yes and it would be with me soon and it was hope this helps

  Forum Editor 19:24 26 Jul 2007

that Canon would dream of running a scam?

How much time has passed since you sent in your claim?

  lez259 06:35 27 Jul 2007

How much time has passed since you sent in your claim?

Two weeks, i suppose i don't feel so bad now as this could well take some time.

  rfedup 10:15 04 Aug 2007

My experience is that Canon are worse than useless. I bought on-line but Canon's registration form only accepts Stores. I have tried their "cash back phone line" 0845 084 8978 which never returns the call as promised. Canon's main phone line is now "unavailable". The camera was for my g/daughter's 21st and this experience has put me off Canon for good!

  ^wave^ 10:58 04 Aug 2007

i got my one online printed the form from canon web page and it does say that it could take a month, it also gives a number to ring. it asks for the email from your supplier saying that you have purchased and then you put that in an envolope and post it. as i said i got mine back a month later so well pleased. this offer is really good so i was told that was why it took a month. hope this helps

  hssutton 23:27 04 Aug 2007

As ^wave^ I bought online and filled in the same form, it took a little longer than a month to receive my rebate, but I did get it. So no problem buying online and getting the rebate, providing it's not a grey import.

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