cannot stretch desk top to fill screen

  kimosabi 13:15 14 Jun 2006

Hi Guys
I cant stretch my desk top to fill the screen the monitor is a packard bell 15" I can adjust the screen up and down but can't stretch it sideways I have two
black band each side I don't know if I am explaining my problem clearly but if you can understand what I
mean any help would be appricated I am running win 98se and a hercules graphic card

  wee eddie 14:52 14 Jun 2006

The Monitor Settings in the Control Panel - Display

  DieSse 00:51 15 Jun 2006

With some elderly CRT monitors it just ain't possible on the actual monitor controls.

But - sometimes adjusting the refresh rate will give a picture of different dimensions, of which some rates may be able to fill the whole screen. Unfortuately with these elderly monitors, they can't accept high refresh rates - you may be limited to 72Hz or 75Hz only.

If it's a modern monitor, it might simply be faulty.

  PUNKA 08:04 15 Jun 2006

Had the same problem this year,after consulting the forum and trying various methods,had to admit defeat, and so purchased me a stonkong 17" LG which is absolutely spot on !!

  PUNKA 08:05 15 Jun 2006

Stonkong ?? sorry meant to type Stonking.

  kimosabi 10:15 16 Jun 2006

Thanks guys

Tried all the your tips with no avails everything is fine on my 19" flatscreen so I will get a new monitor Thanks as allways for your help
kind regards to you all

  wee eddie 15:12 16 Jun 2006

Does the Monitor have any physical buttons or nobs on it?

What you have described should be fairly easily adjusted if you can find the controls.

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