Cannot seem to get my Video Plus recording to work

  haricot 12:59 18 Oct 2007

I have a Panasonic DCD Recorder DMR-EH60DEB and up till yesterday recorded all sorts, including the Soaps for the wife.

Now it seems to have gone Pearshaped 'cos it isnt recording anymore (although I am doing exactly the same thing when setting up).
What I am now getting is a speckly type of picture, when we try to play back ,and a message saying something like " this recording could not be completed and it should not have been recorded anyway" or words to that effect.
I don't think it is the Recorder. I have probably pressed something I should not have done or something.I am not that technically minded I'm afraid but need help urgently. Living with a wife who can't watch her soaps is dangerous!!!
All assistance and help on this will be gratefully recieved.

  ICF 20:05 18 Oct 2007

What have you done to the recorder?
Reset it, moved it?

  bigtree22 00:03 19 Oct 2007

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  haricot 13:01 19 Oct 2007

Thanks ICF for your response.

I did not not do anything different thats the point.

But anyway , panic over. someone has just very kindly told me to reset it back to factory settings which I did and that seemed to solve the problem.

Thankyou for coming back anyway. I appreciate it.

You may be able to answqer another point which I am having trouble with.

Is there a quick way to copy stuff that I have recorded on the hard disk to DVD's but to cut out the Adverts that have obviously been included when recording the original material.


  john bunyan 13:37 19 Oct 2007

Press Direct Navigator button. Highlight programme to edit. Play programme - fast / slow forward and or back to point you want to get rid of. At that point press "Create Chapter" (Yellow?) button. Do the same at end of advert. Repeat for other adverts. Then "Stop" and return to Direct navigator. Highlight programme. Press Sub Menu then go to first chapter you want to delete (Check it!) then press Delete chapter. Repeat for others. Be careful not to delete wrong bit! Recons quickly to DVD RAM but slow on other formats.

  haricot 13:50 19 Oct 2007

Wow thanks John, that looks reasonably easy to do.

I'll have a go. Knowing that I'm a bit of a "dufferbags" when it comes to anything too technical anything could happen. But in for a penny !

Thanks again.

  john bunyan 16:28 19 Oct 2007

soyabean. I only learnt from the manual! Found that recording to DVD RAM discs was quick but these do not play on most ordinary DVD Players. Recording to, for example, DVD + RW took the same time as the film or programme. Luckily I have a Toshiba DVD upstairs that can read DVD RAM, and I recently bought a Phillips AV sender that enables you to play stuff fron the DVD recorder on another TV by wireless. Good luck.

  haricot 16:36 19 Oct 2007

Thanks John I think I get your drift and I will endeavour to work it out. Thanks again. Cheers.

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