Cannot record Digital progammes on DVD

  fullyfitted 20:54 20 Aug 2006

Because my old TV packed in I’ve been spending the kid’s inheritance and I’ve bought a Sony Bravia TV, a 32-inch LCD with a digital and analogue tuner and a Panasonic DVD recorder with an 80 gig hard drive. Being a complete novice I need help please,

I’ve connected the units with a Scart lead as per the instructions and the TV is working ok on both the Digital and Analogue settings. I’ve tried to auto set up the DVD but it has only downloaded the analogue channels, i.e. BBC 1 and 2, ITV, CH4 and CH5.

I can programme the analogue channels to record on timer but the DVD refuses to recognise the digital channels, I’ve tried using DEPG, instant record and manual programming but keep getting an error message to the effect that my TV is not suitable or that the power is turned off.

I’ve also (I think) set both units to AV2.

I would welcome any advice or if this is outside the scope of the forum any recommendation to other sites.

Many thanks


  FelixTCat 09:41 21 Aug 2006


Your DVD recorder cannot record digital TV programmes because it doesn't have access to a digital tuner.

The TV has built-in analogue and digital tuners so it will pick up all the channels. The DVD recorder only has an analogue tuner.

If you want to record digital channels you will have to buy a digital (Freeview) decoder and feed its signal to the DVD recorder.



  Diemmess 09:13 22 Aug 2006

Like you fullyfitted, I don't know the half of how to make my Panasonic DMR-EH60DEB do all it claims to do, but it does what I want.

IF... you have the same model you certainly do have a digital tuner in that box. That was partly why I bought it!
The answer lies in its huge 64 page manual somewhere.

  fullyfitted 19:33 22 Aug 2006

Many thanks to FelixTCat and Diemmess for your response and I apologise for the lateness in replying but I can only fiddle with the gear when there is a window in the viewing schedule of ‘er in doors who must be obeyed.
I thought the DVD had a Digital tuner but if it has I cannot find it in the instruction book so I guess I boobed.

This is where I am up to…

I did manage to record from a Digital channel by changing the AV1 and AV2 settings but I then found I could only watch the channel that was being recorded. Not what I wanted. So I followed FelixTCat ‘s advice and fitted a freeview decoder and with some considerable help from a passing youngest child I can now record Analogue,
Digital, with free range of the other channel and set the timer for more than one Digital station (different times obviously).

So I think all is well but what a learning curve.

Thanks for the help


  Diemmess 22:16 22 Aug 2006

Isn't it amazing how the youngest child can show you things you (scared to be made to look foolish) only dreamed of?

But the times when you do get it right in front of the child don't impress him/her nearly as much.

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