Can someone help me with my tv please??

  Jennygirl1980 11:27 17 Nov 2010


Sorry to be the sort of person to just jump on here with a question, but im having trouble with my television.

Its a sharp 32" and it turns on to stand by but wont turn on properly with remote or manual buttons, I need to know if this is easy repairable or expensive

Thanks guys for any help you can give x

  bert52a 12:52 17 Nov 2010

Sorry to be the sort of person to just jump on here with a question, but im having trouble with my television.
Why are you sorry that's exactly why these forums exist.
I'm no expert but you could try:
turn it all off- pull out the plug if you can't do it any other way.
Wait for thirty seconds.Put the plug back in.
is it on standby or do you need to press the on off switch?
If the switch does nothing try the remote.If the remote does nothing try replacing the batterie
If you can get it out of standby look on your remote for a menu button and check on the onscreen menu for settings and see if there's anything you can use to set the remote or the onn off switch- I wonder if there's some kind of sleep button that's turned your tv off.
Also is it connected to a digital box of any kind- if it is you'll need to check that that is switched on and taken off standby
also look on this website for a manual
click here

  Jennygirl1980 15:23 17 Nov 2010


Thankyou Bert, just felt a bit rude just coming on and asking!

Ive tried all them things, when I plug it in the red light comes on but thats it, ive pushed every buttone on tv and remote and cant get any sort of picture or sign that its on

Thanks x

  bert52a 15:41 17 Nov 2010

What model is it?
Is it a new tv?
Does it have a warranty?
Have you had it working at all?
This might sound a bit daft but are you pointing the remote at the red light.Some tv's aren't very sensitive and will only work if you aim them directly at the right place.
It might also be worth checking that the mains lead is fully inseted and any other leads that might need to be connected.
if you send the model number I'll try to work it out.

  Jennygirl1980 15:48 17 Nov 2010

Thankyou Bert,

It is a Sharp Aquos 32" LCD TV model LC-32AD5E-BK

I have had it for 3 yrs and it has worked fine, sadly no warranty.

I put the power plug in and a green light comes on (sorry thought it was red!) I push the channel buttons on the top of it and on the remote and it does nothing

thankyou x

  bert52a 16:04 17 Nov 2010

has the aerial come out of the back?

  Jennygirl1980 16:06 17 Nov 2010

Yes its all correctly connected up x

  Jennygirl1980 16:07 17 Nov 2010

thankyou for this x

  bert52a 16:14 17 Nov 2010

switch on the mains button while keeping pressed vol- and input keys;service mode is confirmed by the k letter on the screen;while the tv set is still on press vol- and ch- keys to get the service menu;hope it works.

found this on a web site where someone had the same prob as you.
see what happens.

unfortunately your model isn't listed on the sharp site.

  Jennygirl1980 16:27 17 Nov 2010


Not sure what the input keys are? Im holding the vol button and nothing happening

Thanks x

  bert52a 16:40 17 Nov 2010

Does this make more sense?Found this on the net:
Unplug it hold down the Channel Down button and the Volume Up button unplug it for 10 seconds then plug it back in and continue holding them down for another 10 seconds then release. I had the same issue and this fixed it.

Sorry I'm in the dark because I can't see what's happening

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