Can I game on a digital PC?

  HolteEnd83 13:25 21 Jan 2007

I know this sounds really stupid, and im slightly ashamed for not knowing myself, however, Im looking at getting rid of the junk im using at the moment and getting a digital pc, the SONY XL100 to be specific, but im unsure whether i can still play games on it. Can anyone help please?

  gudgulf 14:34 21 Jan 2007

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Yes you will be able to game on it...just bear in mind the PentiumD at 2.8GHz will only have the same performance as a single core 2.8GHz P4 on most games.

By no means bad but a little below the recommended speed for a lot of up to date games.

Likewise the fitted nVidia 6600 graphics.....this will run most up to date games but at moderate settings.

  HolteEnd83 16:11 21 Jan 2007

Superb.. Thanks a lot for clearing that up for me. Is it worth checking out various sites or are places such as PC World etc.. reasonably priced?

  Kate B 19:44 21 Jan 2007

I'd have a look at some of the current reviews of PCs in your price range - Sonys look nice but they tend to be a little underspecced for the price. You can probably get something that will do better with games for the same sort of money.

  HolteEnd83 22:07 21 Jan 2007

Cheers Kate, will do .. Im liking the idea of the 32" flatscreen monitor and the all in one media centre, but I must admit, I was a bit hesitant with it being Sony..

Keep posting, its good to get a wide range of opinions, and its not just me being too lazy to do the research(promise). Ive been umming and arghing for about two months now, I'm a bit worried I'll panic buy and get something I dont want and dont need.

  gudgulf 22:57 21 Jan 2007

The only other reservation I have about this type of pc is upgrade-ability.

If it doesn't meet your needs a bit further down the line,you need to know if it has a strong enough power supply and standard fitments for graphics cards etc.

Maybe a standard ATX tower is,as Kate B is suggesting a better option.

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