can I be charged premium rate for replying to an unwanted tex

  bumpkin 22:11 14 Feb 2013

Hi everyone. I am not too up on mobiles and the inevitable scams. I get unwanted texts saying something like "you are now subscribed to xxxx at only £2.50 a week. if you wish to cancel just text OK or cancel or some other word" I then found out I was being charged £1.00 a time for this and they keep repeating the message so you think they have not got it so reply again.

  Nontek 14:02 15 Feb 2013


  Nontek 14:06 15 Feb 2013

Ooops - Sorry, I was just cleaning my keyboard!

However, now I am here, I would suggest deleting ALL the texts concerned. I don't see how you can be charged for something you have not previously agreed to - don't reply to any such messages, just use Delete!

  bumpkin 18:14 15 Feb 2013

I don't think that they can charge you for something you have not agreed to. I think the idea is to worry you so that you keep sending a cancel text which costs £1 a time. done exactly as you suggested nontek. Luckily it was a pay as you go phone with very little credit left so they were only able to steal £4. Now the plot thickens, I then got a text another message from the same source saying that there was an urgent message for me but that I needed to top up my phone to get it. Never heard of having to have over £1 credit to receive a message. if that is the case then how did they send the one to tell me this. IT'S A SCAM BEWARE ALL.

  Nontek 19:43 15 Feb 2013

I assume you also deleted that latest one too.

If it is not too inconvenient for you, I would suggest buying a different Sim Card with a different phone number.

  bumpkin 23:37 15 Feb 2013

Nontek, I have my personal mobile number known to friends and family only and another phone to deal with all the crap, anyone or website that I am unsure of gets the number of the "backup phone" anyone that calls on that number is unlikely to be genuine. I buy a simcard from Ebay for 99p which has preloaded credit of £5.00 then throw it away when it has expired. Different number every time of course but that is to my advantage. Don't want all the PPI calls or any of the other rubbish.

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