Can Digital SLR cameras take video

  dcnewton 15:53 15 Jan 2007

And if they can is it better than a cheap (£250)camcorder?

Would really appreciate help with this, i have to take some photos of someone and a video for a website.

  cycoze 16:09 15 Jan 2007

No and No.

A dSLR uses a mirror, the mirror would have to be locked up to allow video (yes the mirrors can lock for different settings like bulb), at present i don't think there is any dSLR that can shoot video (I just might get proved wrong though).

Plenty of fixed lens Digital cameras that use LCD view finders can shoot video but this will probably be restricted to 640 (high quality) and 329 (low quality) on most of them, so the quality would not be as good as a purpose built Video camcorder for playback on a TV, however the quality would be fine for internet use.

I have taken video from a couple of fixed lens digital cameras and when viewed at there normal sizes they are great, obviously the more compression applied for web use the more the quality would deteriorate.

  dcnewton 16:21 15 Jan 2007

in that case i have a Minolta Dimage Z2 which does pretty good photos and respectable video so i will perhaps experiment with that - have that shooting video whilst i take a few snaps (might have to treat myself to a dSLR -

Can anyone recommend a dSLR for around £400

  cycoze 17:05 15 Jan 2007

With recent releases from Nikon and Canon prices have dropped on the models that are being replaced.

Nikon D40 Black + AF-S DX 18-55mm Lens click here for £399.99.

Nikon D40 Black + 18-55mm + 55-200mm Lens click here bit more expensive at £489.99 but you get 2 lenses.

Canon EOS 350D (Silver) + EF-S 18-55mm USM Lens click here-(Silver)-%2b-EF-S-18-55mm-USM-Lens-%2b-Canon-Bag/details.aspx?&IsSearch=y&pageindex=1&comp=n for £449.99, pretty much a Best seller in the past.

Nikon d50 is worth a look, the new Canon 400d can be had with a cheap kit lens for less than £500, but what ever you buy for Around the £400 mark will have a cheaper lens.

I was being lazy just looking at Jessops, if you shop around you may find them cheaper, Jessops will normally price match WarehouseExpress.

There are plenty of other brands to choose from but Nikon and Canon are pretty much regarded as thorough breds.

  cycoze 17:11 15 Jan 2007

That Canon link came out screwy, try click here .

  dcnewton 21:15 15 Jan 2007

Thanks for that. Your advice is the same that someone else said, the D40 seems to be a popular camera.

My main concern now is that if i fork out for a new camera and the photos are considerably better than my Dimage Z2 or will they be?

  De Marcus™ 21:26 15 Jan 2007

That depends entirely on your eye for a picture.

I've seen some fantastic photos taken on a compact, taken by someone who knows what they're doing and some awful photos taken on a Dslr taken by sonebody who doesn't. I've also seen some complete flukes which are fantastic taken on both.

Your biggest advantage is the range of controls given with a Dslr compared with a compact and the pretendy Dslr's. However, these days the line between pro and consumer cameras is very blurred, especially where overall quality is concerned, lenses are another matter entirely.

  cycoze 22:40 15 Jan 2007

I can only agree with De Marcus™`s comments that it isn't so much down to the camera.

Take a look at a review site like Steves DigiCams

click here
for all round information on different cameras with plenty of sample photos for each.

Heres a few links for you to compare sample images from your DiMAGE Z2
click here
to a Nikon D50

click here

Compacts, a Canon SD400
click here

and a Nikon coolpix S5 click here

All very different cameras giving pretty good results.

You can only decide for yourself what you want, the Dimage is a fair camera reasonable zoom on it and a super-macro mode , 4mp is not bad and mp are not the be all and end all, sensor size is relevant, a dSLR could mean buying extra lenses to offer you the macro and zoom, it can turn out to be quite expensive, take your time and think about it carefully, research what ever camera your looking at along with compatible lenses.

  dms05 10:34 17 Jan 2007

I've used SLR's for a long long time - I bought my first one in 1965. I also have used Compact Cameras. Both can give excellent results. I now use a digital compact - Nikon Coolpix - because of the weight/size. Years of experience have taught me that the SLR has massive user advantages but that can be outweighed by the weight/size. A Compact is genuinely a carry everywhere item.

Having said that the Nikon D50 or D40 look very nice - but read the reviews about the exposure control, the D50 seems to be better.

  dcnewton 10:40 17 Jan 2007

Thanks dms05,

I am currently looking at the D40 and the D80, the D40 looks good but is rated as a good beginners camera and i am concerned that if i buy that then i will have to replace too soon, but then the D80 is much more expensive.

lenses seem to be an issue as the D80 doesn't come with one and my Z2 has a 10x optical zoom which can't be matched unless you spend thousands - or am i missing something?

The main thing i will be getting the camera for is to take photos of a DJ in a night club and then wildlife etc

  rbtDesoza80 02:35 18 Jan 2007

Hi to all,

is it possible to stream an AVI ("any" video) file just like a stream of a
webcam? My camera ist dead and I'll participate on a vide chat. I need
to send a video file just like a real webcam-captured image.

Thank you in advance,

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