Can anyone recommend a low £ high quality monitor?

  theDarkness 13:25 27 Sep 2009

Can anyone recommend a low priced high quality monitor? Nothing fancy, although they all seem to be fairly thin widescreens now. Im not sure where to look online. I bought this monitor I have here second hand for £50, and its beginning to go, the screen is moving left and right ever so slightly, so i think the tubing is beginning to give up! I would like a reasonable sized screen, this one is 19", for widescreen anything similar or larger.

Obviously Im not going to get anything for £50, and dont want to opt for yet another second hand. Im assuming im looking at £100 or slightly higher for a low priced and fairly thin widescreen monitor of reasonable quality that will last? thanks for any help or items anyone has bought and/or can recommend.

  BT 16:32 27 Sep 2009

Lots to choose from at Ebuyer
click here

  Stuartli 22:01 27 Sep 2009

There's also Scan and Dabs:

Scan (20-22in):

click here

Few 19in at Scan, probably because prices very similar to 20-22in models.

  ambra4 05:49 28 Sep 2009

Check out Misco just select the size of monitor that you want and “sort price low to high”

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You can get a 22” from £103.49 inc VAT

Viewsonic VA2213W 22 TFT Monitor £103.49 inc VAT

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  theDarkness 00:58 17 Oct 2009

I forgot to mention that the cheapest I could find myself previously was an Acer 18.5 inch widescreen from argos at £79 :-
click here|category_root|Office,+PCs+and+phones|14418968/c_2/2|cat_14418968|Computers+and+monitors|14419111/c_3/3|cat_14419111|PC+monitors|14419112.htm

I would probably prefer a slightly larger screen- a widescreen at around 19" would prob feel quite small. Im not sure if the base of any widescreen monitor is adjustable or not either - most likely not, but i have a shelf directly underneath my current monitor, so a large monitor (with a high non adjustable base) could be a bad choice on my part, lol. thanks for the suggestions. on a slightly different note-ive never heard of wireless 3d glasses before (bundled with monitors at to give gaming/the screen a 3d like effect)! :)

the Viewsonic 22" at £100 sounds great at, they have quite a few at this price for a similar screen size- from a fair no of manufacturers. theres a 22" Digimate monitor at ebuyer also at just over £100. ive not heard of the majority of these manufacturers before though, so Im not really sure who have good reputations, or even who to avoid, when buying a monitor! I think I will definately go for a 22", as there seems to be far less 19" out there - the prices are very similar to 22" models that it doesnt seem worth going for a smaller screen anyway :) thanks

  Stuartli 08:53 17 Oct 2009

This offer for a 23in monitor was in e-Buyer's regular e-mail newsletter yesterday:

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  ambra4 09:55 21 Oct 2009


You need to set your page setting to letter size 81/2” x 14”, as your posting is too wide and being

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  Terry Brown 20:32 28 Oct 2009

I neeeded a neew monitor afew months ago and went to MISCO, bought a HANNS G (19")for £70.

They are a bit dearer now,but that's life.
Digital and Analogue - perfect screen


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