Can Anyone

  crosstrainer 17:17 07 Jul 2007

Suggest a good guide on how to improve (and make proper use of) your digital camera? In the past I have had compacts, set them to "auto" and have by and large been pleased with my photos.

I have recently upgraded to a new Samsung compact, and a Fuji DSLR... Even the little samsung has a scary array of features i just don't understand...and as for the Fuji, it's got menu after menu after submenu! I though the manual was in ten different languages when I saw how big it was, but it's all English. A good book without assuming that I am a professional photographer is needed methinks!

  hzhzhzhz 17:46 07 Jul 2007

click here might help

  crosstrainer 17:50 07 Jul 2007

Thanks hzhzhzhz, I will have a read through.. a book is really what i'm after though...I can have the camera next to me and work through everything a bit at a time. The Fuji is a nice camera and I am not using it to anything like it's full abilities.

  postie24 18:04 07 Jul 2007

How about this one
click here

  crosstrainer 18:13 07 Jul 2007

Thanks for that, looks good!

  freaky 18:20 07 Jul 2007

The book described in your link was dated 2002, so I think it will be a little out of date!

I'm in the same situation and would like to purchase a book, it's a lot easier and more convenient than the internet.

There are some good monthly magazines available.

  postie24 18:56 07 Jul 2007

Oops sorry,how about this one
click here

  Stuartli 22:19 07 Jul 2007

Try your main local library - there are at least half-a-dozen books on digital photography at mine, plus 200 or more computer orientated offerings.

  hzhzhzhz 22:54 07 Jul 2007

Read the manual through and through. Take lots of shots in auto mode and note what shutter,aperture and ISO settings its using.Then perhaps go into AV mode,where you set the aperture value and the camera sets what it thinks is the correct shutter speed.When you have got the hang of aperture and shutter values,experiment with ISO speeds,eg 100,200,400 etc. You'll soon go on to setting things like white balance and focussing modes. Dont be afraid to experiment.If you take some poor shots then note what the settings were and adjust.All you have to do is delete them if they're no good.
Good luck and if there is anything you are stuck with,come back and I'm sure someone will try to assist.

  Kate B 01:57 08 Jul 2007

That's really good advice from hzhzhzhz. The way to take good pictures is to take lots of them, and to get to know your camera. And taking lots of photos is a good way to get to know your camera.

Any book on photography is a good starting point because whatever camera you use, digital or film, the principles are the same: balancing your aperture and shutter speed to get the right exposure and the effect you want.

  crosstrainer 06:39 08 Jul 2007

Yes, I think it's a case of getting away from the Auto settings and messing about...the Fuji has a 2gb card, and taking lots of pictures with various settings seems the best way to learn.

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