camera and picture frame

  Slim Shady 16:05 24 Apr 2006

Hi all
I'm thinking of investing in a new digital camera as the on I've got is old (and rubbish). I don't think I need anything too fancy and the only reason I'm asking is because my partner is expecting out first child in the next few weeks so daddy here will be expected to become David Bailey or some such.
Also, I read earlier today an article on digital photo frames and it basically said "see one in action before buying". Now, living where I live that's going to be difficult as there are no shops that do them round here. We have a Curry's and a Comet but I don't appreciate the way the staff pounce on me and talk about extended warranties and such before I've even decided to actually buy anything. Sorry, I'm waffling...
Any of you good people able to recommend a nice digital frame to display the images of said baby? I don't especially want to get involved with printing them and having family/friends sitting at a PC isn't ideal either. Cheers boys and girls.

  amonra 20:29 24 Apr 2006

I recently saw a digital picture frame in a John Lewis store and was very impressed. Sorry I cant remember the make but the price was around £100. I'm sure a browse of their website will reveal more. Probably some other members will be more helpful. Good luck with the new one.

  mole44 07:59 25 Apr 2006

have a look at watford electonics site (savacentre),they have one on the front splash screen

  mole44 08:00 25 Apr 2006

oops reread post,have you thopught of putting your pictures an cd as vcd/svcd and playing them via your cd player onto your television

  anchor 09:56 25 Apr 2006

The Philips one seems to be well reviewed.

click here

Available at PC World, (at least, on-line).

  jakimo 22:10 27 Apr 2006

For digicam reviews and comparisons

click here

  anchor 10:08 28 Apr 2006

What`s your budget for a digital camera?. If it is on the modest side, then I would suggest you consider the Nikon 5600.

This model received an excellent review in another PC magazine this year. Price around £150.

This is the review from the link given by jakimo:

click here

  Slim Shady 12:20 03 May 2006

Thanks guys for all your contributions - that Philips digital frame seems to be pretty good so I'll likely end up going for that. I think I can probably stretch to £150-£180 for the camera side of things and that Nikon does seem to have all I want. I'll tick this as resolved but if anybody else wants to add anything to this, please feel free. Thanks again.

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