Camcorder will not work with Windows XP

  jacwat 21:51 10 Aug 2007

Hi can anyone help please.....

We recently bought a digital video camcorder:

11.2 mega pixels enhanced

It is also described as a web camera and mp3 music player. With it came the disc to load the driver and 4 Ulead programmes to use for the photos/ video etc.. and a usb lead plus the usual bits of paperwork and manual

The 4 Ulead programmes are installed but the pc keeps telling me that the device is not recognised when I plug the camera in. I've tried several different usb ports, I've uninstalled and re-installed the driver several times still with the same result. I have even uninstalled the webcam and separate camera that were already on the pc and my nokia phone centre thingy so there is nothing cluttering the machine, all that is left is the Lexmark printer/copier/scanner,the keyboard and mouse.

The pc is Windows XP Home Edition
Hope I have included all nessessary details!

Grateful for any advise

  Pamy 11:33 11 Aug 2007

I assume that your web cam and other devices are pluged into your computer via USB so that tells us that the USB sockets are working. Does the camera manual offer any help?

  smurfling 16:45 11 Aug 2007

Do you know what brand it is? it certainly isn't a sony. It could be one of the cameras from the Canaries that people have been complaining about, do a google for it and see if you can get drivers for it. Have you used it as a camera yet. Have you tried plugging the camera in first and switching it on, then switch on the pc and see if it recognises it.

  jacwat 12:00 12 Aug 2007

Thank you for your replies....

Yes all the USB ports work fine, the manual doesn't offer any help with troubleshooting. I also emailed the people on the guarantee about the problem and they emailed back saying they would phone me to try to resolve the problem but so far no phone call!!

I don't know what brand it is, cannot see a name anywhere-I assumed it was a sony when we bought it. The scary thing is that we bought it in Tenerife- So you were right when you said it may be a camcorder from the Canaries! What are the complaints people are having? I bet it's the same camera.The first camera we looked at was a sony, we were about to buy it when the sales man showed us this one and it looked better, wish we'd taken the first choice now.

I will do a Google tonight as you have suggested and let you know if this works- I have tried plugging it in first but still nothing.

thanks again

  jacwat 19:39 14 Aug 2007

still no luck did a google on it but could not find the camera so could not find a driver........however the camera works on the lap top! Did not have to use the disc to install anything just plugged the camera in and it worked. It's not ideal as the laptop belongs to someone else (wireless from this desktop) so I have to ask for my photos to be emailed to me!!
Totally confused now

  smurfling 16:36 15 Aug 2007

Seems odd that it works on the laptop, what operating system is on it. What does the camera record to? is it tape, hard drive or flash card, if it is a card maybe you need to use a card reader to transfer photos etc.

  jacwat 18:39 15 Aug 2007

The laptop is Windows XP and the camera just has it's own memory, a card could be inserted (I am expecting problems finding the right card though I havn't attempted this route yet) or you can just take a limited amount of photos/ video then offload them to the pc apparently
thankyou for your response with this problem I'm grateful, I have also emailed the people on the guarantee again to ask for the make of camera so that maybe I could find a driver as you suggested but they are not responding anymore which makes me cross!

  smurfling 19:53 15 Aug 2007

Have you tried going into "my computer" to see if it is shown as another drive with its own letter for it, if it is there just right click and open it, you could also try updating windows, leave the camera plugged in and see if microsoft load any new drivers for it. What type of card does it take, modern ones are quite versatile and are reasonably cheap and are compatible with most cameras, keep on trying and let us know how you get on.

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