camcorder transfer..firewire or usb2 ???

  cjb121 15:15 20 Oct 2006

I have just purchased my first digital camcorder, Panasonic gs180, which has firewire out as well as Svideo and av ports. My DVD recorder has Firewire and all other AV inputs, my PC as yet only has USB2, although I know I can easily add a PCI card for firewire.
My old camcorder was a canon Hi8 which only had Svideo as the best quality transfer.
My question for all who know best is,
Will I get better quality PICTURE transfer using Firewire to either my DVD recorder or PC for editing purposes, as against using USB2 or Svideo. I have seen discussions about data rates, but does this equate to better VIDEO QUALITY ??
Also, do I need a 4 to 4 pin cable for my recorder and another 4pin to 6pin for my PC, or can I use an adapter as sold by Maplin, without data loss /
Many thanks for any informed answers.

  VideoSentry 15:28 20 Oct 2006

As the original is digital it should not make any difference -apart from the time taken-.

  VideoSentry 15:30 20 Oct 2006

On the type of plugs, I cannot comment as I do not know.

  DieSse 23:44 20 Oct 2006

Firewire is digital transfer, av and svideo are analogue. The digital transfer will be superior, as no digital to analogue conversions need to be made to the signal.

Since your camera does not have USB, you won't be using it, will you. So adding the Firewire card to the PC is the correct solution.

As for plugs etc - without seeing the actual devices, it's impossible to advise - though it should be pretty self-evident, I would have thought. Adapters do not give data loss - but less connections are *always* a better solution - so best to get two cables if you need two different types.

  fazer 12:56 23 Oct 2006

I agree with DieSse - the less "connections" on a run of cable all the better.

I don't understand what you mean by 4-4 and 4-6 pin; a Firewire socket/plug is standard.

  De Marcus™ 14:02 23 Oct 2006

4 pin firewire and 6 pin firewire, the difference being the 6 pin provides power. In general, 6 pin ports are the standard on PC's, 4 pin ports are the standard on camcorders, etc. You can get any combination of cables to accommodate, i.e. 6pin to 4 pin (pc to camcorder), 6 pin to 6 pin (External hard drive), 4 pin to 4 pin (camcorder to DVD recorder) etc, etc.

P.S. those are just examples and aren't the same in every situation.

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