BUSH iD Digital box ....remote sensor connections?

  Diemmess 16:08 10 Feb 2007

A minute freeview adapter, which has a coax connector at one end and a SCART plug at the other.
A PSU from the mains connects a 12 volt supply via a "normal miniature female plug."

The remote sensor has a moulded 2.5mm stereo plug which also plugs into the little box. This connection has given up - big time!

I have slit the moulded cover open but all connections have torn free!

In this cable there are red, white and black leads, plus a braided screen.
The case appears to be welded closed, and I don't want to try to open it - yet.

Can anyone give me an idea of which colour to solder to which segment of the plug?

  Diemmess 09:23 12 Feb 2007

Friendly Boffin and I spent several hours over this thing.

The jack socket in the adapter was floating almost free. (Three tags having insufficient and failed solder to board joints).

Probably grandaughter's annoyance at intermittant failure, leads in the jackplug had broken.

Careful tracing and trial produced a flashing red LED in the sensor becoming steady for a few seconds before going out.

No response from using remote control.
Verdict - To the bin!

This item had a very short sales life and though a few are currently on eBay, I have the uncharitable thought that the original production had a mighty failure rate lasting just about the critical 1 year.

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