Burning home movies from camcorder to DVD recorder

  Flopper 14:02 16 Mar 2007

I have got a Sony TRV480E digital camcorder and I am trying to burn movies directly from this to a Panasonic DMR-E60 DVD recorder so I can edit the raw data on the DVD disc on a laptop with the appropriate software.
I have made a couple of attempts and failed as I cannot lay my hands on any instructions on how to do it.
Is it a simple case of pressing Play on the Camcorder and Record on the DVD Recorder?
I got an Audio/Visual cable with the camcorder and I have purchased an S Video cable and a DV cable (I think that is what it is called) but which cable or permutations of cable should I use, ie, the DV cable on it's own or with the AV cable, etc and what process should I follow.

  jack 20:06 16 Mar 2007

You are not likely to be able to do this in this way.
You will need to examine the instructions for the recorder for accepting signals from an external source. Like as not it will be L1 or L2. and will be via the yellow coded video RCA socket or S Video.
However even if you manage do achieve this the result on the burned disc will not very likely be readable in a PC and certainly not editable.
The move must be loaded into the PC via a movie editing program such as Ulead Movie plus 10
Serif or Pinnacle or even Windows Movie maker.

  hastelloy 20:38 16 Mar 2007

I use the scart to transfer from my Canon dv camcorder to the HDD on my Toshiba DVD recorder (AV2 on mine). I then put it onto a DVD and transfer it to my PC. You have to finalise the DVD before the PC will recognise it though. I have never tried to go direct to DVD but don't see why it shouldn't work if you can finalise

  STREETWORK 21:50 16 Mar 2007

Hold on a mo...

I use a TRV480E and can connect it to my DVD/VCR recorder and copy directly onto disk using a S-Video or the Audio/Left/right cables and it works ok. The thing to ensure of is that you finalize the disk for viewing on other machines. I find that DVD + R gets the best results...

  Flopper 12:48 17 Mar 2007

STREETWORK is it a simple case of pressing Play on the Camcorder and Record on the DVD Recorder or are there other settings to be selected or checked. I notice that when the camcorder is attached to the DVD Recorder and I scroll through the camcorder settings on the touch screen the section relating to burning discs has the Burn DVD option coloured (faded out?)and it beeps when I touch it but the Burn VCD button is accessible.

  Flopper 10:22 18 Mar 2007

I have decided to cut out the middleman and rather than copy from the camcorder to the DVD recorder to a blank DVD and then copy back from that to a PC for editing I am now copying from the camera direct to a laptop using MS Window's own movie capture software.
The software copies in WMV format and seems to break the file down into specific scenes for easy editing.
One minute of film takes up 3MB of HDD space.

Thank you for the advice.

  STREETWORK 12:42 18 Mar 2007

You need to make sure that the DVD is set to receive the incoming signal via whatever means you have connected it, mine defaults to AV1 and press play on camera then record on DVD...

  GroupFC 13:06 19 Mar 2007

That is certainly one way to go. A useful site for help with Moviemaker is click here

A couple of points:-

1) Capturing as WMV may result in a loss of quality of the raw footage as it is a compressed file format. I believe MM2 has the option to capture in .avi format, which retains the quality of the original (but be warned - .avi files can be huge!).

2) MM2 doesn’t support bruning to DVD – so you will need 3rd party s/ware to burn the finished movie to DVD.

And be warned video-editing can be addictive – you need plenty of processing power, plenty of storage and a great deal of time!

  Flopper 14:10 19 Mar 2007

GroupFC, If I had done my homework I would have avoided downloading in WMV format but from memory Windows Movie Maker did not offer me an option as to the file type but it did say it would use the best quality option.
A 2 hour movie clip is usually approximately 450MB in WMV format.
I have other software suites to burn to DVD if I choose or I could burn them as AVIs which should play on a DivX player.
My laptop has 2GB of memory, a high end Core 2 Duo processor and a decent HDD so I should be OK.

  GroupFC 17:32 19 Mar 2007

Fair comments - I don't usually use MM2 to capture, but I'll have a look tonight and see if it does offer other options. Certainly a 2 hour movie clip (hardly a "clip" more like a whole movie - LOL!) will be many Gbs (from memory 4/5 mins of .avi wiil take up about 1 Gb, so may be wmv was the best option if the quality is ok!

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