Burned DVD does not read on external player

  jack 11:51 03 Mar 2007

This is an old chestnut
A burned DVD that will not read on another player.
The reasons are many. The most common being that it possibly has not been finalized.
But there can be other reasons too.
Currently a chum and I are experimenting with burning a DVD to play elsewhere and experiencing all sorts of manifestations.
Here are some
DVD-RW plays on the machine that made it. Hitachi
Plays also on a Sony RDR-HX 510
Will not play on a Philips DVP/520-05
Normally it is the Philips that seems to be the most accommodating machine of the three generally playing anything that gets loaded.
A DVD R made on the Hitachi shows 'Disc error' on the Sony and stays in the 'Loading Mode' on the Philips
None of the discs will display anything on a PC.
That is the disk opens to a blank screen showing no files of any sort.

What would be ideal is if there is a software that will allow a PC to at least analyze what files are on the disk [if any] if it is closed or not
Any ideas any one?

  De Marcus™ 18:11 03 Mar 2007
  STREETWORK 18:44 03 Mar 2007

There does not seem to be a common standard for industry at the moment and it is hit and miss, probably why a mini engine does not work in a land rover, or summut like that...

  David4637 13:26 04 Mar 2007

If its DVD RW disc they are more likely not to play on other machines because they use a different "material" in manufacure, because they can be erased, although I have never experienced probs with them. Some players dont like DVD -RW, some don't like DVD + RW. May be worth trying DVD +R or - R. David

  rodriguez 22:36 04 Mar 2007

Look on the bottom of the discs (particularly the DVD-R one as it has a lighter shade of purple so is easier to spot) and look for the recorded data. If the disc is all dark purple then it's still blank and the problem would point to a defective laser in the Hitachi (I had a writer once that would sometimes fail to turn on the laser during recording, so the disc stayed blank). If you see a light purple area, but there is a ring of dark near the centre of the disc, then this disc hasn't had it's TOC written to it (the bit that tells the reader what's on the disc) so it hasn't been finalised properly. If the whole of the disc is light purple (there may still be a ring of dark around the edge, but this is where the recording ended so it's fine) then it has been written and finalised, so it's probably in a format that the PC can't recognise (such as VR, but most PC drives should read this). In this case, get IsoBuster that De Marcus™ posted to read over the disc and see if it can pick anything up on it.

  BT 07:43 05 Mar 2007

This is fairly common with most DVD players. We have 3 DVD players and not all discs will play on all players. It seems to come down to the make and dye formulation of the blanks. It doesn't seem to matter how much you pay, some well known makes seem better than others but we have some very cheap blanks which work where others don't. Its all a matter of finding a brand that gives you the best all round compatibility.
Use DVD Identifier to check manufacturers and Dyes.

click here

  jack 14:09 05 Mar 2007

All for the links I have download them and will have a play around later.

  jack 17:18 06 Mar 2007

For those interested I have cracked it.[The problem that is not the disc]
In fumbling around I came across Ulead Video Studio 10
I downloaded the 30 day trial, and it not only loaded and read the disk- but also does a something that allows to disc to open to desktop- when the program is not running.
I copied the files to the HDD and then burned them to another DVD-R using CBBurner XP pro 3
That did it- it now plays on all 3 machines.
Now I can spend some time learning about Video Editing- might come in useful one day- A stills/slideshows man me by preference.

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