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  Am Feadan 20:02 27 Feb 2008

I have a Samsung TV with built in freeview and was wondering if the Humax 9200T PVR would be compatable as I don't have a set top box,or would there be any conflicts with any tuners ect.
Any help/advice would be appreciated.

  john bunyan 20:21 27 Feb 2008

I am sure it would be fine. You can record one freeview programme whilst watching another. The only thing is with a PVR you can't burn discs to keep of things you want to save for a long time - to do that you need a DVD recorder with freeview , Hard drive and DVD burning.

  Am Feadan 22:05 27 Feb 2008

Since posting my question I have had a look at the Panasonic DMR-EX77EB which has a 160 HD + DVD recorder but it only has one tuner,would that work in conjuction with the built in freeview on my TV so that I could record two channels at once?
Could you also tell me what 1080P up-conversion means and what is an HDMI cable and do I need one?

  natdoor 08:50 28 Feb 2008

I am fairly sure that you won't be able to record two programmes at once but will be able to watch one and record another.

1080p is the highest standard for HDTV, 1080 lines with progressive scanning. Up-conversion to this standard means that a normal DVD, for example, will have its output converted by interpolation to 1080p. It will not be quite as good quality as a genuine 1080p source. You would need an HDMI cable, which is the standard cable for HD, to use this output but would also need an HDTV. Otherwise you would use scart or AV connections with either a standard TV or an HDTV.

  anchor 09:21 28 Feb 2008

I have the previous model to the Panasonic DMR-EX77EB, and in many respects it is very similar. No, you cannot record two channels at once.

As stated by natdoor, you can record one channel, and watch another via your TV, or record something and simultaneously watch a previous recording. You can also record to a DVD.

Another advantage with the Panasonic is that if you have an external source, such as a Sky digibox or camcorder, you can record from that using the AV-in scart socket.

As far as I understand it, the Humax does not permit this.

  Am Feadan 09:23 28 Feb 2008

Hi. natdoor,thanks for the info.on the 1080P and the HDMI cable,my TV is not HD and as I already have a DVD recorder ( although it only records channels one to four and not the freeview channels ) I could use the recorder to record from DV camera and video tapes and use the new PVR to record from the TV,so I think ( as I have read some good reports about the Humax 9200T ) I will go for that one.
Thanks again for all the help and advice that I have received from this forum.

  Am Feadan 09:37 28 Feb 2008

Hi. Anchor
I have just seen your post and now I am again undecided on which one to go for,I suppose I could start afresh and go for the Panasonic and give my older one to my two grand children,and there is also the option to copy from DV camera to my PC,something to think about,I will keep you posted on the outcome.
Thanks again for all the input to my questions.

  Pine Man 11:11 28 Feb 2008

I have one of the above recorders, which has a hard drive, DVD recorder and a tuner, and a separate digibox. I can record one program to the hard drive using the freeview tuner in the recorder and a different program to a DVD using the digibox (and watch analogue TV!!).

If you had one or something similar I can see no reason why you could not record one program from the recorder to it's hard drive and another program from your TV's tuner to a DVD.

  Stuartli 11:12 28 Feb 2008

With the excellent Humax PVR9200T you should be able to record two programmes at once and also watch a third (using the TV set's Freeview tuner).

You could also record two programmes whilst watching a previous recording.


click here

  john bunyan 11:36 28 Feb 2008

Am Feadan
I agree with Stuartli. If however you want to burn some programmes on disc, the Panasonic is a good machine - you can even edit out adverts etc. (But only one Freeview can be recotded at a time while you watch another via the inbuilt tv tuner)If you are happy with a pvr , go for the Humax; if you want to burn discs go for the Panasonic. A scart connection is fine for modes size TV's - if you have an HDMI connection, its a bit better!

  anchor 09:05 29 Feb 2008


Does the Humax have "av-in", thus enabling recordings to be made from a Sky digibox or camcorder?.

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