BT Vision launch Monday 4th Dec…a hit or a miss??

  sceptic2020 17:25 30 Nov 2006

What do you think of the BT Vision launch? I am not sure if I should be excited or cautious because I have been a BT customer for over 7 years and often I have experienced problems with their broadband, telephone and customer service. Therefore I am sceptic whether they will be able to pull this off… Don’t get me wrong, the service bears some attractive bits excl. potential prices…but will this really work…

Sceptical as usual…but do I have a point???

  boots2 12:16 03 Dec 2006

See todays Sunday Times good artical on this release.

  Cymro. 17:29 04 Dec 2006

My Sky Digibox is quite old and like many I will sooner or latter have to think of something new.
I dare say there will be teething problems with this new BT system, but at least it provides even more competition to Sky.
Yes why not?
I will wait to see what the system and prices etc. are and the when the time comes decide.

  amonra 19:02 05 Dec 2006

BT are doing a "soft" launch of the new service, so I expect them to take particular note of any comments made on forums like this one. The content initialy doesn't seem to be overwhelming, but we will see. Good luck to them, anything to compete with Sky gets my vote.

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