Bringing SKY TV (legitimate) onto a PC

  mikeynice 20:19 28 Dec 2006

I'm hoping to feed SKY TV from a digibox into a PC
to which I've fitted a Hauppauge WINTV-PVR-150MCE. Using the digibox's RF out doesnt seem to bring in a clean signal into the PC. Can anyone offer any advice?

  ICF 08:30 29 Dec 2006

Some info here click here

  ICF 08:31 29 Dec 2006

More info click here

  mikeynice 18:04 03 Jan 2007

Have tried SKY Box Scart to S-Video with no success and SKY Box RF Out to RF In on the card gives a fuzzy clipped picture.

  rodriguez 21:03 03 Jan 2007

There could be interference with the other analogue channels. click here and select your region, then Analogue Transmitter Information. Find your local TV transmitter and make a note of the channel numbers it uses for each individual channel eg. mine are 26, 33, 23, 29 and 35. Then on your Sky remote press Services then 4, 0, 1 and Select. Then in the Installer Setup press 4 for RF Outlets and change it to a number that's well away from your analogue numbers - I used 54 when I did mine. Save the settings then retune your PC tuner card to the new number you set in your Sky box and see if this removes the interferance.

  mikeynice 17:05 07 Jan 2007

Attempted to change channel No. assigned to RF out on my SKY box and found the menu system different to 4,0,1 (there was no zero)so unfortunately I'm still stuck. More ideas please; getting twitchy through stress.

  mikeynice 18:15 07 Jan 2007

I have a new Hauppauge winTV pvr 150 mce tv card fitted into my PC and it doesn't seem to work. I think my dealer has sold me a card that can only be used on a windows XP media centre PC. Do I return to the shop angry or am I just being thick as is often the case with me and computers.

  Miké 22:43 07 Jan 2007

Press zero nonetheless, it's a hidden option.

  mikeynice 12:31 08 Jan 2007

entered 0 anyway but found it didn't activate any hidden option as you had hoped. I'm increasingly sure that I've been sold probably the only TV Card in the shop incapable of displaying SKY unless you have a windows xp media centre PC. I'm sure if it was xp media it would work like a dream and if I had a box-standard analogue card I'd be able to display SKY on my PC but without PVR.

  Miké 18:56 08 Jan 2007

"entered 0 anyway but found it didn't activate any hidden option as you had hoped"

Please don't take this the wrong way, but you are NOT pressing the buttons in the correct order!

Press the Sky "Services" button. select option 4 "System Setup" then press "0" "1" then "select" this WILL take you to the hidden "Installer Setup" menu as stated above.

  mikeynice 12:03 09 Jan 2007

Finally did what you had explained but unfortunately its still not displaying SKY TV properly. Going to return my Hauppauge winTV-pvr- 150-mce to the dealer on the basis it is designed for windows xp media centre edition PC ONLY unless someone convinces me otherwise quickly. Thanks for all your trouble.

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